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sounds perfect!

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Actually think this is a game that is a better fit on vita

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I actually hope we will get a new AC for vita

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You just wanted to brag about your tv didn't ya? :P

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YES! Looks to be one of the best new IPs this year

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I don't know man, I don't think the world was ready for such a great logic that says lower

lower price = more sales

It blew my mind

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Horrible move. This is just going to alienate future potential buyers. Similar to Mass Effect series.

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LOVE the art style

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Please be true!

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Sounds like you have no idea what you are talking about. Lot of the games are horrible?

Golden Abyss
Mutant Blob Attack
etc etc.

So no, just because few games are sub-par doesn't mean 'a lot' of the games are terrible. And no Katamari is not terrible, it's just different

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Well said

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That would be too good to be true

'please be true'

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The thing is you don't have anything to worry about even if they focus 'mainly' (not only) on vita. There will still be quite a lot of exclusives to look forward for for a ps3 owner

PS All stars
Tales of Xillia
FF Versus
New Game from GG

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Absolutely disagree. It should mostly be focused on the hardware that was just released, especially if they plan on bringing the next home console next year

Besides we have plenty of announced PS3 games to look forward to like GOW:A, PS All stars and TLOU

I hope (and I'm sure it will be) mainly about the PS Vita

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Another problem I have is sometimes either

1. The game freezes and kicks everyone out of the game or have to quit the game itself even before it started due to a glitch that results in a never ending loading screen


2. Sometimes I have to enter a game that is about to finish in 15 seconds and I'm on the losing side or everyone else quits and leave me and maybe one more person in the whole team without anyone else being added to supp...

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But it isn't overpowered?

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Next time you say, I would give an arm and a leg for that thing, pause and think of this game

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I don't think this will be as difficult as dark souls tbh. Looks more like a fast paced action RPG

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me gusta

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