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Became successful this gen because of motion controls.....simple as that
They brought something new (well not really) to the table and made it accessible to the masses and BAM it was the new IT thing and was selling like crazy...

Unless they can bring out something as unique as that next gen also, they won't be guaranteed first place! THAT I guarantee

I mean seriously, other than motion controls, Mario etc. all were there before this gen too, but ...

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That's so sexist...

Oh boy/girl

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and why it's pathetic excuse for a website

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In a very very lame way :S

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the fact he didn't get laid in a while...kz3 was too awesome he couldn't stop his orgasm

so it's proven by now

Sony it only does everything, including giving gamers orgasms :D

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YOU WIN!.....



ok nvm

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Just like the last one? oh wait

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full experience are you talking about? playing FPS with your friends? Playing action/adventure type games? Playing anything that doesn't require you to jump around like crazy?

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true...if you like standing

OT: Kienct is limited by the number of players and also the types of games you can 'properly' play on it...yeah so is it worth the price? One can do the math I guess like MS says

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Moronic article :S wasted my time

IF you wanna see what the move can go check the damn tech demos OR better yet see the traielr for Echochrome 2...thanks

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are becoming 'rare' these days

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Well said

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The usual 2d fighter fanboy (not 'fan' mind you) bashing 3d fighter pov article imo... The lack of imagination of the author baffles me

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Non-generic game does the Kinect have? PLEASE OH PLEASE tell me ONE game that Kinect has that neither Move or Wii doesn't have...

and If you think games like Echochrome 2 are generic then wow :D That will be almost too sad to be true

Then again I'm starting to think since your trolling is so bad, your a ps3 fan in disguise to stealth troll the 360! cuz your actions are giving 360 users a bad bad name

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Within one year Kinect will be collecting dust in many homes including yours unless they come up with interactive porn or something...

and yea it will be more front loaded than the move the long run it will be a total disaster

Come back again in another year ;)

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Your Trolling! At least be creative about it

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Move AWAY from Kinect...

Seriously the line up for Kinect sucks so's a casual easy cash in screw the hardcore move by MS...The move line up is SO MUCH BETTER! such great variety and we haven't hit GC and TGS yet even...can't wait to buy it

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You didn't wanna be here as well....

wishful thinking on my ugh or rather everyone's part

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@Poseidon: do you show a woman's chest area as a reply to this news? :P I do not get it

OT: Saw this a few days ago, epic epic stuff, this is the future folks I tell ya..the possibilities are endless for this. eg. Study tool, advertising tool etc

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about Nanco vs Capcom

but Namco vs. Capcom would be good

:P I kid I kid

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