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I honestly think it will be one 3rd party character per publisher

So one from
Namco: Heiachi
2K: Big Daddy
SE: Cloud?
Konami: Snake!
Capcom: :S A RE character? or Dante?
Activision: Crash (I really hope they are not one of the 3rd parties refusing to give him)
Ubi: Ezio
EA: Not sure
Nippon Ichi: Prinny

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Hell yeah!

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I hope all of you realize this is not up to sony. Borderlands is not a sony first party game and hence the pricing of the game is on the publisher of the game not sony

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Makes me wonder how this guy is a 'gaming' journalist smh.

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Looks great. Feels good to be a vita owner

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Yep, I'm rooting for the demo T-Rex as well. Fingers crossed

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Not deep? Either you don't know the game or just saying such a thing for the heck of it. The fight mechanics have already shown a lot of depth. try harder

And no way, PR have said the next game will be deeper? I bet it said the next game will be the best ever in the series too. Word of advice, wait until you see some gameplay or have solid information before using PR as evidence.

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Think FF Dissidia. The core theory is the same. Trust me it's a lot of fun

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Polygon man or the Demo T-Rex!

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Bingo. Exactly what I was going to type. Not sure why anyone would disagree. As any game of this nature there are pros/cons to characters. It's up to the final balancing and touch ups to make things even out between all characters. I have seen players winning games with almost every character they have shown so far, even radec, who I thought would such but it's all in how you utilize their strengths. (In the case of radec, you play a long ranged game for the best results)

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Nope it's because he trolls.

I mean heck, his question about why more people pay for Live Gold is a rather obvious one isn't it? They pay because they 'have' to, in order to even touch multiplayer. What are the chances it would be the same if their basic online MP access was free?

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What huge rock in California do you live under?

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It's a new COD game >_> ffs we haven't even seen the gameplay yet

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This is the same site that used a slowed down video of GT5 to say load times are horrible

So yeah

Meanwhile absolutely loving my VIta

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Well, you certainly remember that one so I guess it works?

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Excellent news

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And you think sony is buying them out just for demos? I'm talking about the future here, not today. Sony is taking them in for their tech and to lay the foundation. The possibilities are endless

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And no I'm not even joking here

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Oh and by the way for those who missed it, this means non Playstation games like Witcher 2 are coming to Playstation


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This is a very forward thinking approach by Sony and it's a good one. Going into the future they will already have a solid background in streaming and will definitely use it their gaming consoles as an option to consumers. And also this means they will get money from other sources such as Samsung that makes use of Gaikai in their TVs.

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