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Does he read articles on the website he works at?

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An article, about an article not yet released.

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So good. My vita is ready

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What do you mean? We already saw Liberation in action in the reveal trailer. The game was showcased behind doors to media and all reports have been positive about it.

COD Declassified is the one to watch. Hopefully they will showcase it at gamescom in a week or so

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Looks fake as hell

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One of the best looking games on the horizon

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Looks great

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I disagree. Like most themes like this, after you play the game for a while, it will stuck in your mind for good.

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Well it's confirmed this is basically placeholder. So don't worry about it

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point 1: you are being a hypocrite by not applying the same standard to yourself

point 2: some people like Playstation franchises more than Nintendo ones. They will obviously find this game to be better. Some will also prefer things like mashing stages, mashing soundtrack, super based combat etc. more.

For example I know I will enjoy this game more for the reasons I just listed. I think you are just thinking too much about it

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Looks awesome. Fingers crossed for localization news

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You are doing the same mistake aren't you? You say it can't be good even before it comes out lol

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If only people like you would go a bit beyond that the 'look' of the game, you will understand how incredibly stupid your statement is

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That guy is an idiot. It won't make sense to have her and it would be a 'wasted' slot? You're kidding me right? A new IP, one of the best female leads in the gaming history and a fantastic game! More than enough reasons to have her. I would be extremely happy if this were to happen

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Yeah, its weird. There is no word of this heading to vita at the moment so I see no reason to tag it with vita. It's like tagging all EA games to ps3 because they have made a game before for it.

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So is this kind of article going to appear 2-3 times a week...EVERY week? Seriously people shouldn't approve these hit seeking articles

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Why is this tagged for vita?

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I blame aliens. Why? I ask why not given how absurd 'these' claims are

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Well new models/SKUs released at a lower price point won't technically be a price drop I suppose.

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You know what confuses 'me'? That these stupid journalist fail to understand such bitching should wait until we see the full roster!

And Tekken has been a very important part of Playstation since the start.

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