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If you have seen any of the 'rumors' IGN has put forth about the vita hardware you will know better and will not trust IGN as a source. And from the look of it so far both the next PS and Xbox won't have to do much to be more powerful than the wiiu. At this point it feels more like wishful thinking by Nintendo fans.

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So good. Well said

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The reviewer hasn't even finished the game himself.

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Loving the game so far. Lot of fun

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well 2/3 of the staff was not fired..just relocated iirc. so I'm guessing they are part of other teams at the moment and we will definitely see a new wipeout for ps4/vita.

so basically same talent, different banner

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Hit seeking tool. Always was, always will be

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On the 3rd party front, Retro City Rampage is doing it. Hopefully others will follow

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Am I the only one who thinks this would be amazing on the vita? The control options of the vita and playing this game on my bed = a real time sinker

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And a touch of inFamous for the city levels = God tier Game in the making

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So let me get this straight

1. A game that has few months to release
2. New IP
3. Don't know the full roster yet
4. Don't know all the modes yet
5. No marketing outside of a PS Blog post for now
6. No info whether there will be retailer specific preorder bonuses (This is the info I'm personally waiting for)

Even knowing all of these things, someone wrote an article about 'estimated' pre order numbers...

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Shingeki No Kyojin: IF someone ever manages to make a game out of this with good gameplay, it will be one of the best games ever made.

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One of my most anticipated games of 2013!

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A simple google search would have saved the author so much time and worry

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someone show them the new RE6

oh wait

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My guess is some intern or an employee in charge of creating the images messed it up.

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I disagree. Tekken has been a big part of playstation since the beginning. I really wanted to see a rep from them.

On topic: I hope the Ryu Hayabuza leak is true. He will make an excellent addition to the roster

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They have been mailing them out randomly. However various sites do giveaways for codes almost daily now. Superbot usually gives out at least one code every day in the evening, either via twitter or facebook.

If you can't get in, don't worry they have a public beta coming this fall (which, I'm sure, will be basically within a month or so)

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Looking forward to some gameplay

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doh I realized I posted in the wrong news article. I apologize.

On topic: I remember media molecule themselves saying this could be better than what they did as well. Really good to hear how it's all coming together nicely

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Looks great. The use of Dualshock to guide the missile is a very very nice touch. Good job superbot

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