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Better be more than that. There will be shortages

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Well now they put that statement out guess what is about to happen

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Its not really a surprise when ive known about it for longer than a year.


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DF are the biggest MS 1X fanboys the internet has ever seen. We all know the 1X is more powerful but DF really pushed the narrative that it's two different games.

I've never seen a gaming site so in love with a brand in my life yet try and remain professional. Rich and John should be embarrassed

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They don't really contribute to moving forward. They'll write a check when and if the time is appropriate.

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Kudos author for calling this exactly as it is. While everyone is kissing rock star ass it's good to see people being honest.

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Evil B from ERA did the HDR analysis. Came to the conclusion we all knew which is it's broke. Breakdown is on ERA or DF.

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Good. I had my prompt on the buy and waited for DF. Glad I did.

When this is fixed and the HDR I'll gladly buy it. I know it wont be native 4K but it can be better than it is.

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Talk about reaching. I have a damn switch, the online sucks, its featureless, graphics are shit. My daughter plays it. I never touch it

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So many options to choose from it's incredible. New ones born every gen like HZD.

It's the whole reason I'm a PS gamer for the most part. The library and options is amazing.

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Yep. I doubt this article gets written by polygon if it didnt release on xbox.

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So trade in your PS and go buy an XBOX instead of writing articles about how you dislike the appeal of Sony games.

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Its beautiful, but I like my electronics black. Have both launch day PS4 and launch PRO.

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I enjoyed it a lot.

If your site needs clicks this is the wrong way to go about it.

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I wish they would hire better story writers. Like God of War, its story really had me sucked into the game and that's why I enjoyed it so much.

Lots of companies dont do a good enough job on the story.

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LMFAO. Deserved..

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You've got 200 games? Holy shit man..

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Spending 400 on a console is nothing. Take a look at newer GPUs.

I have an RX 580 in my PC and I'm fine with it. But I searched a 1080 a couple days ago and they were between 600 and 750 USD. I'll buy one when they go down to 400 but until then I'm fine 1400 and 1080P.

I will always buy the newest PS consoles because they have the best exclusives in the business. My PC eliminates a need for an XBOX.

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Every bit of it is for negative PR. Paint Sony as the bad guy while Phil is the savior of all things gaming.

Keep doing it enough and you influence people. It makes the XBOX warriors fight harder and I'm sure it does help with a few sales.

The big picture though is to get everyone thinking Sony is bad, XBOX is good and wholesome..

Nothing but PR. Any angle that can be used is being used.

I know I've read ...

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They are talking about raytracing on the new GTX 1100 series. Calm down

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