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On the wii u, Nintendo already associates purchases with the account not the system. They changed this about 3-4 weeks ago. The account that purchased pikmin 3 on my system was deleted thanks to my young brother forgetting his password and registration age. This happened around the first week of november. At the time I still was able to play pikmin after his Nintendo id was deleted. Fast forward a few weeks, it gives me a notification whenever I try playing it that the nintendo account that p...

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You guys do know that shin'en is a second party studio of nintendo right??? so these guys are good developers of course but they also have the advantage of working for nintendo.

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You could always change the button layout.

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Obviously the people hating dont have a wii u. i just finished playing cod zombies in bed without turning on the tv. that is pretty awesome.

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Its a wii u, not a wifi router.

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Plus it costs like a gazillion dollars to make.

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Seriously those people have no life.

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Yay, now games will cost 100 bucks at retail!!! XD

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Xbox controlles have the worst quality. Four have broken on me. M gamcube controls and wiimotes still work.

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Nintendo allows third party devs to release their games a week before system launch. And nintendo has always announced the price and date TGS.

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Come on guys. IGN already talked about this video like a month ago. Look up "Ign Zelda Versus" on youtube and read the describtion.

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