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Why was the revealing video look so familiar like The Division?......

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This is actually a smart move. If Sony goes back into handheld gaming eco system now, it will have to compete with Nintendo, Apple, Google (plus ALL the mobile phone maker in the world), Steam for hardware sales. On the software side, Sony would have to adopt Nintendo's approach of "one game that can be played on both monitor & handheld modes", The old thinking of "make a smaller version of your popular IP" didn't work then, definitely will not work now.

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... because MS's VR/ AR technology is not for gaming, even civilian use (for now). MS is selling its VR/ AR technology to US Pentagon & UK Army. There will not be MS VR/AR commercial product until 2030 (at the earliest).

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Of cause it will be everything about Microsoft, it's call MONEY!!!! Games that coming out from Bethesda/ Blizzard/ King are all funded by Microsoft since 2021. Yes, the development of those projects are started before that time, but Microsoft's money does turn those projects into a finish project (the 2 exceptions maybe Deathloop & Tokyo Wire, which are partially funded Sony).

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Who would even feel disappointment at Skull & Bones by now (maybe except the Singapore government...)?

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He brought sound to computers, when PC was no more than an expensive type writer. He made interactive entertainment as we know it today.

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I think the update only applied to current gen machines (PS5, XBS) only.

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Regardless of whether MS can successfully buying ABK or not, Square & Capcom is already prioritize Sony over everyone else (MS & Nintendo). All the latest Square & Capcom games are all Sony (time) exclusive for now. So the real question should be: can Sony live without CoD, Diablo, Overwatch, etc. if it does not soften its stand now?

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Far Cry 3 & Assassin's Creed VI: Black Flag are 2 of the very best games from Ubisoft. All Ubisoft games since then are all just copying these 2 games.

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Yes it is. Outside of gaming, all the Tech Giants (MS, Oracle, Amazon, Google) offer their products & services mainly thru subscription model. They actively discourage anyone who want a one off buying of their products.

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So, do you own 100% of all the TV shows you watch? Do you own the plane you fly for holiday? The model of buying usage (subscription model) has existed for a long time now.

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So: is it socialism if you fly commercial flight instead of, well, owning your own private plane? Or is it socialism if you rent a car, since you don't own that car?

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@GamingSinceForever Developers & distributers, big & small, are signing on to different subscription camp, that means it "make good financial sense" for them.

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Because.... this is not a Sxxy exclusive?

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from the video, it looks like the combat is still very flow-(ily), like everything happen under deep water. The attack doesn't feel impactful & punchy. The movement doesn't seems to carry any weight.

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That opening was added at the very last moment, just before the game gone gold.

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"Just wait til next year."
- I think this descript the PS5 stock &exclusive game for the past year.

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"China's gaming market"..... Chinese government treat gaming as a nuisance, "regulate" gaming for minors to 3 hours per week. What kink of "market" is this?

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No, to the contrary, Far Cry must turn the attention back on the protagonist. Any go single-player-focus game must have a strong (narratively, not physically) protagonist to carry the story.

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