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It's almost as if they've taken the Battlefield out of Battlefield, thus making it not a Battlefield game.

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Better question: Where are all the games?

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It's not just computer games that this question could be asked. It's typical that when anything asks you to pay attention, listen and take in a methodically slow paced narrative that is essential to building atmosphere , most people that lack an IQ tend to get lost and end up giving up on it. Red Dead 2 had a similar issue. For me, the pacing of it is essential. It's needed to let the detail of the world breath and build an atmosphere that very few games (and even films based on t...

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Capitalists cannibalising themselves.

You love to see it.

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Best Nintendo console? You must be about 22 years old, I take it.

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Yeah, that's literal sexual assault and always has been.

Next time you're out in a bar, grab some random woman's ass and see if you survive the night, yeah? Idiots everywhere these days.

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You're a fuckin idiot. Hopefully you're about 12 and your balls haven't dropped yet. There might be time enough for you to wise up.

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"You wont last a day in my world"


Yeah, OK, Batman.

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Only thing you're fighting, son, is puberty and an education. Go do your homework and shut the fuck up.

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Well, don't ya know, only the white man is good and can save the world. And Jesus...he looked like Fabio.

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No other game? Doom and Super Mario Brothers want a word with you.

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A Mario style RPG? Could work.

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"The only way forward is either a more powerful console with an SSD built into it to really expand the gameplay to new heights."

Boy, have you fallen for the Cerny hype big style. No. No it doesn't need an SSD built into it. Show me one example, thus far, that the so called fabled super fast SSD of the PS5 has made a difference in terms of how a game has been designed. There isn't any. And don't say Ratchet and Clank, because that's long been debun...

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Spot on.

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This is like saying Mario Odyssey doesn't save Mario from decades of bad story telling.

Who the fuck is writing this crap? Since when has a game like Metroid been about a narrative? It's always been about it's amazing atmosphere and stellar game design. Those two things, when done right, tell its own narrative.

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Exactly it, but the clueless plebs on this website (as you can already see) disagree. Nintendo has always been awkward when it come to 3rd parties, and this stretches all the way back to the SNES era, and especially the N64 era, but for different reasons. It wasn't until Nintendo changed their entire strategy with the Wii that they became more about catering to their own vision of what hardware meant that these so called "issues" came about for them. It's absolutely nothing ...

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The Switch has been out 4 years, and it'll be 5 annual years when it turns 2022 in a little over a month. That's a full generation cycle. What do people expect? This thing has exceeded expectations given what it is and that it was up against the likes of the PS4 and X1, and knowing Nintendo, they'll find a way to stretch its life span until they announce its successor. Got a problem? Most big tech companies wish they'd the same problem.

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I was thinking this might be the case. If they are outsourcing their legacy like this, Take-Two must have them over a barrel legally. They also must be busy slaving away at another project.

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