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ok Iwata, your resignation is already accepted.

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Future WWE game? Is THQ even doing to last that long?

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weird, the JP version was only around 2.7 GB with 2 audio tracks. Guess they western release will have more.

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the debug unit is the same as the retail unit except with different FW, like the PS3. If the debug unit can use the serial port to hdmi cable for TV out, the retail system can do it too. Sony just has to enable it in the FW, and sell the cable too of course.

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need to be creative with their assets, dont need amazing shaders and normal map, looks at series like pixel junk, all vector art. Limbo was the smartest, all black and white with simple but very effective visual.

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that drawing is super low quality for ND standard, also confirmed fake by director!/Neil...

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ya, the levels in Enslaved looks beautiful to match the concept art, but not really the best in terms of gameplay.

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ND has no problem doing open world or linear levels.

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just do Socom 2 remake for Vita and PS3 with cross platform play.

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patching up the glitch that give you free power? Why would I patch my game? lol

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"And i will get out eventually and continue my work"

PS5 will be out by then

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MLAA on PS3 and some blur filter for 360, the contrast and color also seems a little off on 360.

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more like a guess job than 100% confirmed.

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I just want outland, under siege and my dlc stuffs for LA NOIRE

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PS2 shot is from the video, horribly compressed.

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the cc info and encrypted and the server never store the security number, highly doubt it.

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Canada and US? So they know the hackers are located in North America?

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I am still as hyped as ever about it.

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this thing has been around since Feb......

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PSN contents are protected by the NPDRM keys. I think its the rebug cfw or something that let ppl mod their PS3 into a dev unit and download PSN stuffs for free like they are developers. Someone from neogaf said it started around early April, and Sony probably notice the free download increased rapidly so they just shut PSN down and re structuring their security system. All are speculation of course.

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