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I think the characters kinda lost a lot of charm because the time line thing. Everyone is kinda lost on the 3rd game and depressed. I'm hoping for the good ending on this one. ^~^

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What kind of fanboy are you?
Xbox One has a cloudy future thats for sure. I'm not sure what you enjoy but enjoy it Pac guy. ^~^

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Luckily we get a taste of keyboard with the PS4 because of the touch pad point and click. I wanted that feature too. It's so kool. ^~^

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Everyone is pro Sony if you think resolution was downed on X1. X1 isn't made to be Greatness like PS4 or Wii U for that matter.
I'm waiting for an good price deal to get X720 and good games that are not TitanFall. ^~^

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My opinion is each of the game had its flaws but the 3rd has the most flaws. I wanted to see more of Snow and Serahs love. I haven't finished the game yet. I'm hoping for something happier than the 2nd games ending. I think honestly it should have ended with FFXIII. I LOVED IT! There I said it.. now attack me other FF fans.

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Complaints again...You all remember it was called FFXIII Versus? Now its an new game with its own characters and has nothing to do with XIII. Get over the hate already. ITS XV XV XV not XIII. I can't wait to play this.

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Wtf, you mean like this?
Ugh I don't think its working but on YouTube its an video called "If Xbox One was a Girl."

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Sad when multiplayer is thrown in.. Every Xbox fan guy must be use to multiplayer stapled on because your XBL fee is for something right? All my favorite games are single player on PlayStation. God of War 3, Heavy Rain, Kingdom Hearts, Silent Hill, Final Fantasy, Last of Us/Uncharted(I never played mp), and No More Heroes etc. I will not be buying TitanFall because its only MP. ^~^

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Right if you don't like the game skip it and save your breathe talking about an game that you don't like. I skipped 12 because I didn't like the characters. I don't hate on it because I know people enjoyed it just fine regardless of my liking of it.

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Most of you probably haven't even played little more than an few hours of FFXIII. I always thought the game was garbage because of everyone else but then out of no where I decided to replay through it and finish it. I thought it was an very good game after about 15 hours in. The gameplay to me was ok not perfect but I rather try something new like this than keep the old NES gameplay other FF games have. I like FFVII and FFX like anyone else. Comparing FFXIII to other FF games is sentencin...

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Amazon Japan seems to be doing fine selling PS4s...
I wouldn't be surprised if PS4 takes over number 1 spot for an while. ^~^

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I can't wait to play it! Amazon please deliver quick! I got Yuna and Cloud DLC yay! ^~^

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Imagine if Naughty Dog was developing an Sonic game. That would be crazy. ^~^

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You don't need to buy any costumes to beat the game you know that? I like options but if it was like a bunch of story DLC start getting the pitchforks I'm with you. ^~^

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I don't get people who hate FF13. Just because they had 2 huge successful games like FFX and FFVII FFXIII has to live up to those. I think 13 was really good I just wished gameplay would of been a little more on the fun side. It did have strategy and I got use to it I liked it for being different. I'm very happy that Lightning Returns has an different battlesystem and I'm glad to see an conclusion to the story. I like how the game turn some sharp turns and added depth to the story...

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Not everyone cares about 60fps. Infamous SS is beautiful how it is. You support Occulus Rift have fun paying for it. I don't care if they have an entry level VR headset for PS4. I'll be happy as long as I can try it for an affordable price. 1080p or not. ^~^

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I hate the title.. I just want play Shenmue 3 badly.

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Oh yeah! I want this!! Totes! ^~^

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I can't wait to see new characters and story on XV. ^~^
OT: I like the Lightning series and I can't wait to play the last game. Definitely because I thought 13-2 kinda sucked many ways. I mean Serah was an ice cube the whole 1st game and Snow was always going through hell to get her.
On the 2nd game she barely even cared for Snow and Snow disappears after his 20 minutes of fame. >:( Lightning was gone the whole game except the beginning! At ...

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There's way more games coming out for the PS3 than the Xbox One and PS4 combined. I want to get X One but no way I'm trading my PS3. I need the XO for my next gen collection. PS4, PS3, and Wii U are so good! ^~^

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