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I haven’t played the first one yet. But I’ll check it out

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The pandemic really slowed a lot of production of these games. However it’s nice to know Microsoft is working on diverse titles, and pushing the potential of game pass. Just think this time last year the entire world was at a stand still.

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They did win, but their presentation needed/needs a make over. The way MS presented their stuff was so…Corporate and felt more like I was at a boardroom briefing. It wasn’t fun to watch, but the games were promising. Elder ring is what I want to see

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I kept glossing over the messenger. I think I’ll download it today and give it a try

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They gonna have to first tell me how they were able to control all the A.I’s that sided with Cortona at the end of 5.

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I liked this, but I was more intrigued by stalker 2, that RPG toward the end before redfall and battlefield got my attention.

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I have an Oculus Quest 2. It is an amazing system. There isn’t really anything negative I have to say except for battery life, and some games won’t address motion sickness. A lot of their blockbuster games are shorter than what I like, but other than that the Future is extremely bright.

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I just watched it in 4K, it didn’t look bad to me 🤷🏾‍♂️. I’m excited to see what twists and turns this game offers. If you’re a lover of FarCry you understand what I’m saying...

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I don’t know, they look cool to me.

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Mine mine mine mine

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That review is long winded to say the least. However I am willing to give it a try and see what the hubbub is about

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I turned it on for resident evil 8, I really didn’t notice the difference in my play through.

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I haven’t played it yet it is still unopened as I’m still fumbling with Resident Evil 8

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Thank you for that. Cause I didn’t really know where to find them, and I put it off thinking I can get back to certain areas.

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It’s simple!! If all retailers actually put meaningful restraints on scalpers making it a waste of time then it will stop. For example, eBay and other auction sights shouldn’t allow heavy markups on hot items, or charge a steep admin fee to where the scalper’s profits are effected to the point it’s not even worth to list. Online should add a Cacp to slow down bots. There are a lot of things that can be done the question is when

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I throughly enjoyed it on Xbox as well. I just wish they put that energy into making a brand new one. Andromeda left a lot to be desired. The game wasn’t bad, but come on now, lol. I’ll get it for Nostalgia sake though.

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Yeah, no thank you! I owned the first two... I’ll be damned if I’ll be fooled again.

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That was, I thought they could of did more with that though. The best one has to be lady dimitrescu and her “ three daughters” to me. the mansion was dark and eerie, the fact that they all could randomly pop up at any time added to the suspense as well. Kudos to capcom

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Factual, you know there is an achievement for beating the giant Lycian before you get to the den?

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It is implanted, but remember it effects people differently. When the ugly fish guy used wolf dna and that’s what created the Lycians. The four guardians were all implanted with the Cadou

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