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Not at all a disappointment.

Putting the launch/network debacle aside (no question they screwed up royally) the game is very good! Really enjoying it and it is exactly what I expected. Each car handles very differently (it is not too arcadey) so you have to adjust your driving to suit.

The sense of speed you feel, especially with the faster cars is amazing. It gets my blood pumping. The game is definitely not easy. It requires practice and perseverance to s...

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If you primarily want to play these sorts of "mature" games, get a PC, PS4 or XBO. The Wii-U isn't the right console for you.

If you primarily want to play Zelda, Mario etc, get a Wii-U. Great games you will love.

If you want to play both, but can't afford 2 consoles. hmm. Get used to disappointment.

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What a lot of twaddle. The exclusivity is huge for MS. I don't think it will sell "buckets" of consoles being timed, but it gives them something to fight against Uncharted with. Its limits damage.

Very clever deal.

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Stories like this always make me sad. What a blight only the whole gaming community. Who do they think they are representing by being abusive and offensive. Certainly not me.

As a PS4 owner who is disappointed with the TD decision, I am appalled by such behavior. I am sure they feel so brave and clever abusing someone from the distance of Twitter. Grow up!

I can only assume that CD didn't have the cash to make the game they wanted. This decision (as frust...

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In terms of interest/jealousy level (As someone who currently owns a PS4, but not an XBO) I can only speak for myself.

Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime :- Umm. no.

Inside :- Loved Limbo and this is oozing with potential. Time will tell if they can re-capture the Limbo puzzle magic, but yes, I am interested, if not quite jealous.

Cuphead :- The art style is great, a hat tipping exercise to old cartoons, but not a fan 2D side-scrollers. Interest...

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People are so boring and hateful of new/different experiences. They want to play the same FPS again and again and again. *Sigh*

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Wow! Can't wait.

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Everyone new this already.

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The Vita in the picture made me smile.

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Oh come on. That was hilarious!

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What a load of twaddle.

Not criticizing the XBO at all, just this stupid statement. It is an attempt at a sound bite to imply speed, but unfortunately a bad one.

Super computers are about vector processing, which is a massively parallelized architecture. They specialize at doing the same task many thousands of times in parallel. This approach is brilliant for some tasks that require many iterations of the same calculation, but are terrible at doing many othe...

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Did you actually look at the list of games before commenting? Looking at March to May.

PS4 has 6 "Retail" Releases not available on XBO. (not even looking at the Indies).
* Second Son
* Dynasty Warriors 8
* The Amazing Spiderman 2
* Final Fantasy XIV
* MLB: The Show
* Bound By Flame

The XBO has 2
* Titanfall
* Kinect Sport Rivals

So not all games on that list we...

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History has clearly demonstrated that people will not spend $1000 on a console. It is just too much for the mass market.

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"Playing a game is really easy than the making game, it’s much expensive." - Please check your grammar.

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PS4, currently no contest.

• Cheaper (fact)
• More powerful console (fact)
• Better versions of 3rd party exclusives (fact)
• Way more games in development for PS4 (fact)
• Interaction with PS Vita (I love playing Second Son in bed. Works great)
• Camera not a forced purchase (I didn't buy it)
• PS+ value for money (personal opinion)
• I prefer Sony’s 1st party studios/exclusives (personal opinion, expectatio...

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The Forbes page has been taken down, which makes sense, seeing as the Sony GDC session hasn't even taken place yet!

So not sure how they could have announced anything. Pre-written article per chance?

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Wake me when there is gameplay.

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Personally, I think the game looks good graphically and I can't wait to play it.

However, that's not the point, and I understand the reaction. People feel lied to/disappointed. Ubisoft needs to think about that. They will lose some sales over this, which is a shame, because the game looks like it will be really good.

Hell, the whole industry needs to think about that. Ubisoft are not even close to the worst. We just don't want to be promised one ...

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Must just be a personality thing then.

Hard to imagine a worse way for me to spend my gaming time, than playing the same game 50 times when there are so many other good games out there to discover.

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Understand. I was not suggesting that old game = bad game, or that they had zero re-playability.

What I was suggesting was that game play/mechanics, visuals, world sizes, AI, physics, etc etc have all moved ahead in leaps and bounds, creating much more immersive experiences. That today's "good games" offer a lot more than yesteryear's "good games".

It must be said that today's "bad games" would offer a lot less than y...

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