Surviving in Tokyo


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biased “writers” make for the worst reading

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Oh that must be why every time I play fortnite I want to go out and play overrated terrible games

Omg it’s true the games do influence us

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Everyone knows Xbox is famous for putting half the game on a disc and the other half to download

Expect at least a 50gb download on the Xbox at least

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Anyone demanding should GTFO

Go make a game console then you can make the decisions. Until then you get what you are given. Such entitled snowflakes

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Fortnite is not the king of all games. I wish this trash of a game was never made

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Backwards step with the web browser

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Donkey punching

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You need to subscribe to get games. Only $12 to get “free games”

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With 5g testing at above 1gbps in telco labs, why does this story even exist? How is it a surprise that you can stream a game on mobile broadband that is faster then optic fibre internet?

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I don’t like how cynical writers write controversial stories about popular things in order to get hits on their website

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Is this seriously all about your stupid fortnite game Jesus Christ

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Why are they using using nuke town as a unit of measurement? I’m thinking if they used miles or kilometres it would look smaller than what gamers are expecting.

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You can call zombies? Looking worse and worse the more I see it

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If I were to comment about a scantly clad female game character and how her near nakedness makes me a happy gamer I would be hung out to dry by the sjw crowd

But anyway I see the games inclusion of lgbt material just being a representation of the real world. In the modern world the normal is the acceptance and support of the lgbt community. It’s not the 1950s after all

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But why segregate a community? If you’re trying to promote inclusion and fairness events should be open to people of all genders, sexuality, and ethnicity.

But in their minds

Events for minorities, lgbt or women only = ok

Events for men or heterosexual only = the ultimate evil

Excluding ANYONE from an event, including men and non lgbt, is wrong and offensive

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We considered your request but have decided that we know best.


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This story title gives me a headache

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Now that’s what I’m talking about. It’s gonna be great to play this trilogy right to the end.

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