Ikeda Akihisa Author of Rosario+Vampire will debut his NEW serie in September!!!
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Note to self if i forget my handheld systems when i go over to a friend's house NOT touch his...EWWW..Now i'm going to become paranoid

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Just Imagine Onimusha with current-gen graphics!...

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Please give in to temptation then.

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The only thing i'm worried about the VR more than it being a gimmick or not is it's effects on the human eyes.Will it damage the eyes if we use it for a long period of time if so
then one should use it for a short period of time per gaming session..Personally i'm thinking of avoiding it altogether.
Not risking my eyes sight for a virtual experience.Just not worth it.

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Having balls isn't all that great.It's quite painful.Girls can have all the balls that they want.LOL

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"Pandering to these SJW idiots who make a fuss about anything and everything is just going to damage the end product".I totally agree with you on that..

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I have no issue with Linkle whatsoever so long as Link doesn't get replace by her and get tossed aside just to please the feminists.Both should be optional that way everyone will be happy!

Also why can't we get Male versions of female only characters?Like Samus (metroid prime series)for example.This gender thing should go both way IMO

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So what else is new.Don't they ALWAYS blame video games when shit like this happens.

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I just tweeted Sega begging them to release Shenmue HD collection..I think the only way we'll get the HD collection is if more people ask for it.

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SJW (SCREW JOBS WOMEN) strikes again!

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UGH..There is a line that shouldn't be crossed but some people cross it anyway.Who in their right mind would think this is fun.

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No necessarily.Just because his latest game wasn't that great it doesn't mean he's AAA development career is over..He just has to go back to the drawing board and try again..Life has it's ups and downs and we all learn from our mistakes (at least some of us do)...

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We need MORE vampires games.They're hard to come by.

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I'm cool with all these gender swap whether it's video games characters,movies,Comic...But how about we get the same treatment too.For example they could make a male Samus (metroid series.Replace Repley (alien movies)with a male..etc

Personally i have nothing against Linkle.I will play as her as i have No problem playing as a female character.I just want to see female characters get gender swapped as well..Hey it's only fair.

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I know the the first one is available for purchase in KSA.Don't know why the second one was blocked?

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I have no problem with linkle.What i'm worried about is that in future Zelda games they will remove link completely and makes us play as linkle.I don't want that to happen.It's fine if we can chose between her or link.Don't force her on us.

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I know 2 million$ is a lot of money but if it only took 2 million$ to develop the game why doesn't Sega develop the game themselves?Surely they have 2million$ in the bank.2million$ is a far cry from 75 million that cost to develop the first shenmue....I'm kinda scratching my head right now.LOL Unless the rest of the money for the game will come from Sony's pocket.

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I'm disappointed with the delay but i'm even more disappointed with Zelda not making an appearance at E3.It' would have been nice to see how it was shaping up..bummer

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I did too but MS beat me to it.Oh well maybe next time LOL XD

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Both are looking good to me but i think BloodBorne will be more successful than the Order 1886.

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