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When I buy a $8 steak I don't expect it to be as good as a $25 steak. When they start charging, if it isn't worth the $20 a year people won't pay. But PSN and XBLive isnt worth what they charge so we are stuck with switching to PC or paying for online gaming.

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I'm not a fan of fighting games, but my son's are and I played some with them and thought it was better with the pro controller then motion controls.

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It would mean Nintendo is going to speak. 60 million 3DS sales (PS4 may make it to 60 mill and XB1 probably isn't) and a basic dominance of their home market is what Nintendo is looking at. An NX in this form would be a huge seller day 1 in Japan and would be the handheld for gamers in the west. We talk a lot about companion consoles.....well the NX is now your companion console too. Throw in the appeal of Nintendo products to parents and they should have a user base st...

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No....because Nintendo would make a smaller percentage of the dale of each game, would not have an additional source of revenue from hardware and 3rd party games and probably wouldn't sell enough to cover the loss of those revenue streams and costs of being a 3rd party publisher.

Beyond that Nintendo wouldn't make as many games and would stick to it's main characters and new IP's and niche series would be lost forever. Kind of hard to churn out anything oth...

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At one point it was reported that the Wii had enough memory to fit every game in the library of NES & SNES in it woth room to spare so I think these 30 games take up even less then your estimates

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Some games I wish were in the list. 1942, Baseball Stars, Blades of Steel, Super Dodgeball, and Life Force

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You censor yourself on a daily basis. The way you talk around your friends differs from how you talk with co-workers, parents, peers whatever. How you drive changes depending on who is in the car. When you interview for a job, what you say and the resume you send depends on the job you are trying to get. Nintendo isn't changing this to appease the few and discard the majority. They are changing it for the exact opposite reason. To get a lower age rating and to appeal to a broader ma...

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Does this mean they can use it as a bundle game for NX? I'd assume they can sell 2 million on Wii U alone meaning it would be possible to bundle it digitally or disk/cartridge with NX and create "value" for the new console.

It might be better to sell it separately though......release day buyers probably will get the system no matter what and 1st game they will buy will be Zelda

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I'm still thinking we will have some sort of direct next week even if it is a highlight of E3 at the end with an announcement of the announcement date for NX. I think Mother 3 will show up on VC and we will get a November Wii U title announced along the lines of Mario Tennis or Capt Toad (not those games but one of similar size). Maybe some DLC surprises (looking at you MK8 & Splatoon) and maybe a final collaboration with a 3rd party for an exclusive Wii U release coming spring 201...

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My Wii was stolen from my apartment and Nintendo restored all my purchases for me with 1 call and a few questions. My 3DS was thrown across my house by my 2 year old and I had no issues transferring my purchases to my new one. Are they behind Apple's App Store, yes but it ain't nearly as bad as what you make it out to be. Just takes a phone call to customer support.

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Warcraft seems like more potential but I always doubt video game movies.

I've heard good things about overwatch, might make me upgrade my computer

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When it's all said and done I think the Wii U will have a well remembered library because of some of the unexpected exclusive gems like this and Bayonetta 2, plus the other strong expected list of MK8, Smash and the like. Probably a Metroid and FX away from being a beloved console on the level of GC or Dreamcast

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To each his has been one of my favorite purchases. Ive had a blast with it and have no complaints. Beyond that my boys love it. I like the game pad, online works well in Splatoon and Mario Kart (I'm not into online gaming much). I only have the time to play a few games a year so the droughts didn't impact me like they would have in college and there has been some amazing indie games that I've finished in between the retail releases. It's a shame they didnt use...

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If....and it's a big if.....Xbox 1.5 and PS 4.5 are real things and get revealed at E3 then 2 months later Nintendo reveals NX to be slightly better to superior specs in comparison then Nintendo could do a marketing blitz about A) playing with power and B) giving a full life span to its generation instead of selling 40 mill only to ask for another $399 to upgrade half way through. Yes a March release would be 4.5 years for Wii U which is in the realm of the generation cycle.

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I would like to see Nintendo do another title like this with random characters, maybe staring Nondescript Action Figure and including the 8 from this title and maybe a few guys from Punch Out for some name recognition. Maybe 20-25 characters total with a good create a wrestler editor, random story mode similar to No Mercy back on N64 and some good old smash button arcade wrestling

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Would the Internet meltdown if Sun and Moon were announced for Wii U?

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I have a feeling this game will be a cult classic in 10 years and be worth a small fortune for the people who bought it. And by small fprtune I mean $100.

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Yes.......NX is approaching......and will be here sometime before 2018.

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Wonder why remix is $29.99 when it was $29.99 to start with

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I like kickstarter as a platform. I wouldn't mind the concept being utilized by some of the larger companies for beloved but financially unsuccessful IP's as a way to lessen financial risk while delivering unique titles.

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