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So basically the 5 year old gaming pc will run better than the 6 year old gaming pc with The Witcher 3. Yes, folks with the wonderful high tech new hardware next gen super consoles being locked at 1080p for gaming they are basically like 5 year old average gaming pcs. PS4 still gets great exclusive games though.

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I guess you can just throw in a new video card. O wait.........

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the pictures look like old games from last gen of consoles. unique or not it looks like crap as of now, hopefully it changes.

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That is a lot of jagged lines in those screenshots, I hope that is not the PC version.

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I can see that creative marketing and new hardware make you think something is brand new and state of the art. The Xbox One and PS4 (as of now) can not run games past a 1080p resolution. This most likely will not change. Of course the consoles have great exclusives, however I am talking about hardware. A good 6 year old gaming pc was able to run games maxed out 1080p, even a 4 year old good video card (or cards) in a pc can run games at 1080p or higher , maxed out, SOMETHING "NEXT GEN&qu...

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Wow!!! A "next gen" console that is basically a 6 year old decent gaming pc can play PC games??? I am amazed!!!!!!!!

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the style of the design of a game does help with overall appearance. however as a fact higher resolution makes games look better.

for example games like borderlands games, resident evil 5, batman games, etc.. on pc maxed out at 1080p or a higher resolution looked much better than the console version. (fact, not an opinion) if you can not notice this (if you have the change to see higher than 1080p displays/ tvs) then you have vision problems and should see an eye doctor. wit...

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P{lay some pc games at 1440p, 1600p or 4k then say something on the PS4 is the best looking game ever made. Maybe best looking console game ever at 1080p

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Every bit of news, videos, screenshots, etc. about the Witcher 3 just blurs into one thought for me. I want this game more than any other game.

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not sure what planet you live on

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Screenshot on ps4 version has jagged edges throughout the cars. So basically as usual with "next gen quad-hexa super mega state of the art better ram core consoles" you get 5 year old pc graphics at best. note

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Jack Bauer in the next Mortal Kombat! Maybe Mortal Kombat verse Street Fighter?

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The next Metro game for next gen consoles probably won;t look as good as the first Metro game maxed out on pc. I love how next gen basically means 5.5 year old gaming pc.

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i'll take 1600p at above 50fps any day.

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I loved Spiderman Web of Shadows game. Maybe Amazing Spiderman 2 will play like that

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has anyone tried this game yet, is it any good?

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Console hardware is cheaper compared to mid range or high end pc gaming hardware (video cards, processor, etc...), however console games are usually are a rip off new/ launch prices, on sale or used when compared to frequent extremely cheap pc game sales from Steam, GreenManGaming, etc... If you purchase mostly games that are heavily discounted when it comes to pc gaming you can end up having a cheaper / better experience compared to console gaming. Often big title launch games on pc are $35,...

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Incredible!!!!!! A next gen game running at 6 year old mid range gaming pc capabilities. This next gen technology is so advanced my mind is blown away.

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played it on pc and it looked fantastic don't remember any pop-ins. comparing last gen console versions of games top pc versions is basically like comparing a pile of vomit to Milla Jovovich

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hopefully those were not the pc screenshots

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