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900p, on console, what are we back in the Nintendo 64 days?

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i am never buying a multiplatform game on a console again. above 1080p works great for me.

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because buying or building a decent gaming pc requires a tiny bit of brain power to research what you are buying/ (prebuilt or build yourself). These things I speak of called "brains" most people do not seem to have inside their head. What little brain most people might have (console addicted junkies) always think that gaming pcs have to cost thousands, ALWAYS need to be upgraded to play the latest game, blah blah blah, etc.... the same old bs over and over.

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WOW BRAINWASHING IS THIS EASY!!!!!!!!!! Good luck running the game on consoles at 1440, 1600p, 4k, etc.......

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pc can also run the game at 1440p, 1600, etc...

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PLAY AS HARLEY QUINN! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! HAVE TO PRE-ORDER TO PLAY AS HARLEY QUINN, GO F-CK YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!! What about the people who might buy the game after launch when it is on sale or they have other games that they are playing at the time? Take some notes from CD Projekt Red who make the Witcher games. They give all DLC, and pre-order stuff away for free to EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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agreed. these images look like they are from last gen, or even something like a Playstation 2. pathetic.

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Wow next gen is not looking all that next gen, more like a 5 year low end gaming pc compared to a 6 year old low end gaming pc in those pictures.

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shop specific exclusives for the Witcher 2 were given away for free over time for EVERY version of the game for The Witcher 2 I am sure they will do that again.

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CD Projekt Red is the God of video game developers. Treating all gamers equally (and I think giving all DLC away for free, at least in the Witcher 2) is the most honorable thing a video game company could do. The PC version will probably have a mod kit program released which will probably not make it to the console version as the last time I checked the nature of consoles does not allow for modding games. Nothing CDPR can do to help that.

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awesome what 4k monitor did you buy. i have a 1600p dell monitor and usually i can turn of anti aliasing as it does not appear to be needed most of the time. 4k youtube videos look great at 1600p as well (2560 x 1600)

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last i checked 900p was not better than 1080p or 1600p

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i own a scuf animal and scuf hybrid that i use for pc gaming. the controllers are amazing. BUY ONE WITH 4 PADDLES ON THE BACL, I THINK IT IS MUCH BETTER THAN 2 PADDLES.

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so did you leave pc gaming to enjoy 900p graphics and over priced video game prices?

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900p and 792p, that is absolutely pathetic for "next gen" consoles. to me next gen consoles are basically a mid range 6 year old gaming pc, remanufactured in a small box. i will buy a ps4 for the great exclusive games, and enjoy watchdogs at 1600p

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Now lets see the difference between current gen console games and the same games on PC maxed out every option at 1080p. I want to know how "next gen" the Xbox one and ps4 is. MY thoughts is that they are basically 5 year old average gaming machines bundled up into a small package marketed as "next gen." Show a next gen console at 1080p then compare to a pc game at 1440p or 1600p the difference is sure to be extreme.

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900p and 780p should look great? if you saw a game maxed out at 1080p, 1440p or 1600p your eyes would explode.

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Basically next gen consoles basically means 6 year old average gaming pc. Absolutely pathetic. PS4 is great for the exclusive games however I think I will enjoy this game at 2560 X 1600.

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the second one if played twice is almost completely different (if you help a certain character or not). play it twice. i enjoyed the first witcher in one playthrough. however it was awesome enough to play twice. the books are amazing

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