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Cinematic trailers might not be the best way to judge how grpahics will look when a game is released.

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With some games having to run at something like 900p or 960p that is rather pathetic. "Next gen" consoles seem to be as powerful as a low end 5 year old gaming pc. I am still excited to buy a Ps4 eventually. In general I still overall prefer cheap as sh*t game prices, graphics that go beyond 1080p and using almost any controller I want (pc gaming).

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With PC gaming I can play a game with ps3 gamepad, ps4 gamepad, xbox 360 gamepad, xbox one gamepad, Novint Falcon, (soon something like a Virtuix Omni), and so much more my fingers would break if I typed it all. Using a Cooler Master CM Storm keyboard , so far so good. No need for a new keyboard.

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"The Order 1886: Film Effect Helps with "Next Gen" consoles barely being able to outperform 5 year old low end gaming pcs.

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900p? I guess next gen gaming means 6 year old low end gaming pc

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I heard rumors that Jack Bauer will be in the next Mortal Kombat game.

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is it better than killzone 3?

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if your pc can run it the first Witcher is actually a great game. the combat is a little weird however it is an immersive game. The Witcher 2 is incredible, I played it 3 times and want to play it again.

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i thought console gaming was flawless? i am in shock!

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I wish they would do a comparison showing the PS4 version compared to the PC version running at 1440p or 1600p. At least finally consoles are somewhat catching up to PC 1080p graphics, now at least pc games most likely will not be cursed with 720p cutscenes like the last gen games.

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does a VW Golf have bullet proof Lexan, up to what caliber?

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do they sell pc games now?

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i don't mind a rare problem with a game launch. please enjoy your games that struggle to run at or close to 1080p smoothly.

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good to see that under powered piece of crap getting more games.

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devs are great at brainwashing. devs just don't want you to buy the game for much cheaper on pc and have a better experience.

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code does not work for wolfenstein

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with all the new high tech amd goodies and gddr whatever stuff in the ps4 it can not run games past 1080p. seems to be a refurbished 5 year old low end gaming pc to me

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You can use both console gamepads on pc. By your statement you unless you have not upgraded your pc in about 5 years you should get it on pc.

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Since I bought a gaming laptop 7 years ago pc games (on all my pcs) have looked significantly better than the console versions of the same game. the pc versions are usually much cheaper

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