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Good old pc gaming! It goes "next gen" weekly!!! Not to say there is anything wrong with something like 2 year old high end pc hardware however being able to sell your old pc gear and upgrade to the latest tech constantly is an awesome option. Maybe I will replace my GTX 680s in SLI with two 880s in SLI as I want to upgrade from 2560 X 1600 gaming to 4k gaming.

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Destiny beta on 6 year old low end gaming pc will not be running at 1080p

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I prefer/ have become used to games running smoothly at 1600p. However I will probably by a PS4 for the exclusives.

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Finally consoles have matched or come close to Crysis from 2007. This may convince me to buy a PS4 along with a few other exclusives.

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When the Gods of game developers need more time to make a game that is perfectly acceptable.

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I would play the first Witcher again on whatever it was released on if it had gamepad support and slightly tweaked combat. Overall The Witcher on PC is still an incredible game.

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STEAM BIG PICTURE MODE lets you do everything you asked for with pc gaming.

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2560 x 1600 is also incredible if you can not afford 4k gaming.

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The first Crysis on PC maxed out back in 2007. Also so many more PC games that if I typed them all my hands would break.

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Gaming Consoles = expensive games, not so great sales, limited amount of controllers, low end resolutions, no upgrade capabilities (except maybe a bigger hardrive.

PC gaming = complete opposite of above.

Consoles do have a few exclusives that hopefully will all make it to pc gaming.

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Maybe it will help with things like the Virtuix Omni.

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HMMMMMMMMMM.......... Virtuix Omni, Kinnect, Occulus Rift, pc games, etc... I see a future weight loss plan.

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Wow consoles have caught up to six year old pc gaming!!! I might have to buy a Ps4 this "gen"

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4 year old gaming laptops can do that.

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I remember my old laptop with an Nvidia 8800M GTS video card produced graphics at 1080p that basically matched the current "next gen" console graphics. Next gen consoles = 5 year old low end rebranded gaming pc.

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With the new consoles struggling to run games maxed out at 1080p, a downgrade seems to be expected. If you don't want to worry about or bitch and complain about graphics than just play games on a decent gaming pc.

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Here is some pricing information for gamers who want to save. Build/ buy a good gaming pc (yes it will cost more than a console) hold on though here is where you will save. Wait for most games you want to go on sale for about $10 in something like a Steam sale then you will save in the long run compared to overpriced console games.

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good question, I wonder if the combination of a realistic pc fps game, Occulus Rift and somehting like the Virtuix Omni will simulate and help with training of using a sight and scope. Only time will tell.

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I play games (usually less than $25 each) at 1600p and love every minute. To me it is like next next next next gen gaming. I still enjoy Playstation games as well.

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Being that the next gen consoles are about as powerful as a low end 5 year old gaming pc it makes sense that they struggle to run games at 1080p. It is incredible how all the new tech and marketing bullsh*t make "next gen" consoles seem like they are the greatest things on Earth. This generation I will stick to PC and Ps4 gaming.

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