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I have seen pc games on a 55 inch , 60 inch and 65 inch 1080p tvs. Now I own a 2560 x 1600 Dell monitor and the graphics that 1600p produce over 1080p is incredible.

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It will be so incredible it will stop console only junkies from saying next gen games look as good as pc games.

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The first Crysis in 2007 looked as good as these screenshots.

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Finally 2007 pc graphics have hit the next gen, it was about time. I might have to buy a PS4 now.

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Trade in a game for 1% its worth or sell it on ebay or buy games at used game prices at launch on pc, decisions decisions decisions.

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I know how dare they release faster technology!! The nerve!

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I still have a launch 60GB fat PS3, however once I discovered PC gaming I barely touched my PS3. I still want to beat Sly Copper 3 and 4 one day.

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Your Asus is probably in the shop because you did not put any effort (something most console only junkies don't have)into doing a Google search on how to repair your PC or what might be wrong with it. Most Google searches or forums searches will help you figure out a problem with your pc quickly. Generally when a console breaks outside of warranty you are screwed and have to replace the whole thing. With a "broken" computer the parts, most parts, are not too expensive and can b...

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Yes this would be grand but then again maybe not however what is grand can not be better if for what is worse is not the best.

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the next gen consoles are almost like 2006 high end gaming pc when it comes to graphics abilities or 2007 pcs that could run Crysis on high settings. Next gen consoles are not that "next gen" after all

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I wish every video game company was like CD Projekt Red who makes games like The Witcher series. They give all DLC away for FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All launch day exclusive content also is eventually given away for free as well.

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Thank you next gen consoles for helping make games look better in general and not holding back multiplatform pc games as much.

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You can play The Witcher 2 a second time around, chose a different path, and most of the game is completely different. Don't rush through both playthroughs and The Witcher 2 can easily last you over 80 hours of gameplay

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2007 gaming pc status has been achieved!!! finally

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6 year old gaming pc compared to 7 year old gaming pc

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All the pro console comments against pc gaming sound moronic.

1) Steam Big Picture mode makes pc gaming exactly like console gaming.

2) Guess what, news flash!!!!!!!!!!!! You can actually play pc games with any gamepad you want from your COUCH!!!! No, you will not explode. There was recently a Windows patch that allows you to play pc games from a couch and not catch on fire or explode.

3) PC gaming has its own share of exclusive titles.

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Me too! I am gaming at 1600p with 2 GTX 680s currently. I still think it will take 2 gtx 780s or two 880 to game at high settings at 4k.

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Well finally consoles can produce graphics similar to Crysis from 2007. I guess we can be impressed, 7 years later.

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Lara Croft, Bayonetta, Jill Valentine, Sheva, girl from Trine games, Blade Kitten, and many more would like to say hello. Maybe if women did not complain about the most meaningless things on Earth there would be more women featured in video games.

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i guess i could i could slap in my 9800 gt to hold me over until the 880 is released

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