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A good year to catch on my backlog of Steam games and reply some games. Those Steam, Greenmangaming, etc...sales can overload your Steam library instantly.

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I wonder how much Sony paid for this article.

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Dead Rising 3 and now Ryse are making it to the PC!!! Now I will not have to buy a 7 year old gaming pc that struggles to run games at 900p and 1080p just to enjoy a few games. I might still buy a PS4.

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i saw this on my laptop in 2008, with less plants moving around (Crysis)

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i think the ps4 exclusives and older ps exclusives are better than the selection of xbox console exclusive games.

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Xbox one , 900p and 1080p. PC gaming depending on your budget 1080p, 1440,p 1600p, 4k, etc.... and about a million other benefits. PC and PS4 gaming seems to be the way to go this "generation"

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Xbox One has to run some games at 900p, absolutely pathetic. My 7 year old laptop is better than that. The PS4 appears to be the next gen console worth buying. I will pick one up soon.

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This will be the best game ever made by the best developers to exist!

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Holy sh*t! Gaming pcs from 7 YEARS ago could produce smooth 1080p graphics. Xbox One as a next gen console is pathetic.

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In addition to being a balls to the wall shooter it actually had a good story. Much better than the generic 4 hour long military shooter that are vomited into the gaming industry every few months.

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Good old "next gen" gaming, outdated out of the box.

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i had zero problems with the past few Assassins Creed games on pc and I play them at 2560 X 1600. Are you running ATI graphics? typically (from my observations of browsing pc gaming forums) it appears that people with ati video cards complain or have more problems over people with nvidia video cards. All games i have played at 1600p look much better than anything consoles can produce, even when the games not the greatest port made.

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To be announced on Xbox 360 and PS3? Is this Earth?

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After seven whole years "next gen" consoles are still 7 years old on the inside.

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I know the PS4 hardware is all "next gen" super awesome new stuff. However being that the PS4 and xbox one max out out 1080p visuals doesn't that mean it is basically the equivalent of a decent 6 year old gaming pc? I will probably buy a ps4 for the great exclusives. To any pc gamers who also play console games, would you say the PS4 running games at 1080p looks just as good as a pc running a game maxed out at highest settings at 1080p?

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if you think what you said is true you have never seen a pc game on high settings or you have problems with your vision. i am not trolling just telling you the truth. i guess your console only mentality might have convinced you to think "next gen consoles" means the same thing as gaming on a decent to high end gaming pc.

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I think I will upgrade from 2560 X 1600 gaming to 4480 x 2520 or something close to "4K" when this game is released. Not sure if those screenshots are touched up or if they do look that incredible from in game graphics.

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Hopefully the story mode lasts longer then looking at a screenshot.

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What does "auto spot" mean in regards to this device. I think I might try this for pc games

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you mentioned you might snag a 780 for half or used. i am guessing you buy used video cards before , what cards have you bought used and had success with for long time? i think i might sell my gtx 680s and buy 2 gtx 780s new/ cheap or used to help with my 2560 x 1600 monitor (yes it is beyond incredible)

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