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Do a 4K or 1600p on PC comparison to consoles running at 1080p or 900p or whatever they run at these days.

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nope can't play ps4 games on pc. i will probably buy the ps4 for the great exclusive games, eventually. overall i prefer playing games at a resolution of 2560 X 1600 (1600p) over 1080p or 900p, that is why i prefer pc gaming. the games are usually cheaper as well.

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Console hardware appears to barely be more powerful than my 7 year old average gaming laptop.

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Wow!!!!!! 1080p at 60 fps. Been doing that since 2008

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"i have yet to see pc ever come close to looking like as a pc nerd you should be scared" i have no clue what that is supposed to mean

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Actually looks like garbage.

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Please stop with these it might be , it is not, it struggles, it is 900p, it is 1080p, is has 30 fps, it has 60 fps articles!!!!!!!!!! I have nothing against the current gen consoles however enough is enough. If people want to guarantee what resolution they can play at then go and buy a gaming pc/ build a gaming pc, or modify your existing pc to be a gaming pc. Then you can game at 1080p, 1440p, 1600p, etc....... Play your exsclusive games on Ps4 and Xbone and then play everything else on pc...

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With the constant news I see of the "next gen" consoles "will it run at 900p at 60fps, will it run at 1080p at 30fps, etc.... it appears that my 6 year old laptop ran games as good if not a little better than the next gen consoles.

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PC gaming is not as expensive as many people think. You could run games at 1080p, 1440, 1600p, etc... if you want and you don't have to worry about the constant back and forth of is this game going to be 1080p 30fps, 900p 60fps, 1023.75p at 35 fps, etc...... Hardware for (parts) for a gaming pc might be somewhat expensive at first however pc games are usually cheap to extremely cheap (new in box, digital, after a weeks, from random sales on Steam and Greenmangaming)

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quit complaining and start playing games on a decent pc, then you can run games at 1080p, 1440, 1600p, etc....

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These next gen consoles seem like a bunch of mid range 2008 pc parts slapped together. I will probably buy a PS4 for the great exclusive games.

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My favorite anti anti-aliasing trick gaming at 2560 X 1600

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I don't mind waiting for the PC version so I can play it at 1600p or 4k by that time.

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I have been blown away by graphics since 2007 when I purchased a mid-range gmaing laptop.

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It is absolutely pathetic that the "next gen" consoles have trouble running games at 1080p. 6 year old laptop appear to be better than "next gen" consoles.

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Maybe the ability to change the graphics card? O wait nevermind

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careful, the truth agitates people

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I agree, elder Scrolls games feel like you are hitting a cement wall when you fight with Melee weapons.

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Its ok, if you have not done so yet, just play The Witcher 2 again. I have played it three times and I think I will play it a forth time. It just seems to have enough variety to make it enjoyable each time.

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Why not? The super duper next gen consoles are as powerful as a good gaming pc!!!

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