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i own a high end office chair and to me it is more comfortable than any couch i have sat in. once i saw the difference of a resolution such as 1600p i now think 1080p looks like shit. i don't mind a 30 inch monitor

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I might not have completely read everything however pc gaming gaming be able to run at significantly higher resolution then console gaming, was true last gen and current gen

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i just played bioshock infinite at 1600p. if you want a constant next gen fix then you should get into pc gaming

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Pc games can run way above 1080p at 1440p, 1600p, and 4k. Therefore these comparisons basically mean nothing. It mostly just proves that the "next gen" consoles are re branded mid range 6 year old gaming pcs.

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i went with mostly pc gaming about 6 years ago and love it!

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i think one high end gpu can handle 1440p, either way i think it is fucked up that they claim the "definitive" version on consoles is the God be all mighty version. bullshit lies in marketing is what it is, pure marketing bullshit to trick the sheeple.

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Enslaved made it too pc

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FUCK ALL OF THIS! Make a comparison of Tomb Raider on PC at 1440p, 1600p, or 4k then comparing to the "next gen" console "definitive marketing trick" edition. Weather effects are cool however no fucking way will the "definitive" version look better then the pc version maxed out way above 1080p

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Thank you Sony for making your Dualshock 4 work easily with PC games (all you need is a small program and half a brain). Now maybe some of those great PS4 exclusives will make it to PC to make the world a perfect place.

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I used to think graphics did not mean shit until I played a pc game at 1080p and eventually at 1600p (2560 x 1600). It has been nothing but visual bliss since then. It has proven to me that "next gen console" translates to "re-branded 6 year old low end gaming pc." All those cores and "next gen" hardware console marketing doesn't have shit when it comes to pc gaming. I still enjoy console exclusives however I enjoy better graphics much more.

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i agree, i played the game at 1660p @ 60hz and it shits on the visuals of the "definitive" version.

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This is all horse shit. I played the game on PC at max settings at 1600p and it looked incredible. No way in hell does the PS4 version match the PC version maxed out at 1080p or higher. Definitive version, just means "brain washed version" for console fanboys who don't realize that a "next gen" console is just a 5 year old low end re branded gaming pc.

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I guess some day people will realize that "next gen console" just means "re branded 6 year old average gaming pc."

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High framerates, ability to game at 1600p, 4k, etc.., mods, I think all those (with a brain) know which version will be the best.

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Looks like next gen is not all that next gen.

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"Resolution takes a backseat" guess you never played a game beyond 1080p

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as pc player myself i don't think any 1080p console game will match the quality of a pc game running at 1440p or 1600p (yes those resolutions look much better 1080p)

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"7 bucks but you had to spend over a grand for the PC build." big fucking deal! with pc gaming you can frequently buy games for $10 or less, new games at $40, $35 or less. Over time you save money in the games. therefore spending $800 or more on a gaming pc is not a big deal. unlike consoles, you can open a pc, sell parts, buy parts, upgrade/ install parts (easily), as desired. I despise the overpriced console game prices for games that are stuck at 1080p. (i like to game at 1600p)...

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"its also 1080p on ps4..." seems to be what console only gamers cling to for eternity. just because something is "1080p" does not mean that a console version of a game at 1080p is the same as a pc version maxed out at 1080p (also with certain monitors/ tvs you can run games way beyond 1080p)

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The Wii U graphics are not even as good as what a 7 year old nvidia 9800 gt card could put out. Why should Nvidia acknowledge that piece of shit?

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