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wow a next gen game with low end 5 year gaming pc graphics, who would have thought

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now please release the make your pc cry in agony specs!

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Next Gen gaming, outdated out of the box as usual! I guess it will be PC and PS4 gaming for me this "generation."

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finally pc games will start to get 1080p cutscenes in games instead of the upscaled 546p or 720p bullshit from last gen.

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It sucks that 4K gaming gear (monitor, multiple video cards, etc...) is so expensive. I guess I will stick to 2560p for now. It still blows away "next gen" graphics.

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So "next gen" consoles basically translates to 5 year old mid to low range gaming pc

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the article compared it to a "powerhouse pc", i guess they left out "2009 powerhouse pc" because at best that is what a ps4 is.

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vacation in another location outside of Gotham City with Catwoman, then all hell breaks loose, then you get to play as both them, again. i don't know that randomly popped in my head.

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News Flash! "PS4 Exclusive's Groundbreaking Material Tech" means "the PS4 is barely a re purposed 4 year old low end gaming pc that can not even run games past 1080p" . I didn't know that was considered groundbreaking

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"Expensive And Demanding feature capable of drying out powerhouse PCs as well." Bull crap. The PS4 is just a re branded low end 5 year old gaming pc. If this game was on pc a "powerhouse pc" could run it at something like 1440p, 1600p, or 4k if needed.

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Being that the "next gen" consoles are basically re branded low end 6 year old gaming pcs there will most likely be another round of consoles.

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Steam Big Picture mode would like a word with you.

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i will stick with 1600p as much as possible.

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Fuck all of this I will stick to 1600p!

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I guess he realized that the "next gen" consoles are basically 6 year old low end re-branded gaming pcs.

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i remember the combat in Condemned actually being much better than Skyrim.

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Any game on pc at 1080p with all features maxed out and/ or any game on pc running beyond 1080p destroys anything we will ever see on the "next gen" consoles.

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last time i checked pc versions of games are usually graphically better then the console siblings so how could the same beta from pc be released on the xbone?

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Hopefully SONY will grow some balls and release this for PC,then we can do a current gen to future gen screenshot comparison.

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high end pcs always win, especially when you run a game above 1080p something the consoles can not do. however most console ONLY gamers have the mentality of a 3 year old and easily get tricked by words like "Definitive" slapped onto a box. 1600p gaming shits on just having a few upgraded weather effects

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