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I am glad CDPR is trying to make every version of the game work as best as possible. They are always honest and straightforward about everything.

Can anyone (who plays PC and PS4 games) here confirm does the PS4 in general while running at 1080p look like PC games running at 1080p (maxed out or mostly maxed out) have they been able to get rid of jagged / jaggie edges in graphics on the PS4?

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Whatever. Call me when a gaming console can run games smoothly above 1080p.

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Be careful. You are actually making sense.

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I bought a Wii U and tried Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed and Zombie U. I thought they both had terrible graphics. My 6 year old laptop at the time produced much better 1080p graphics compared to those games on Wii U. I returned my Wii U as I was not happy with it.

Does anyone know if the graphics got better with the Wii U, like similar to the PS4? Or is it still basically just mildly better than the last gen consoles?

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What do you expect from 7 year old rebranded small form gaming pc(xbox one)? Running at 1080p at 60fps will most likely continue to be rare with the Xbox One.

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Next gen arrived on my 6 year old average gaming laptop that ran 1080p games smooth as butter.

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Next Gen gaming is incredible! It's like buying a used 7 year old gaming laptop re-branded all new again!

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The title of this article is like saying water does not keep people alive. CD Projekt Red as far as I know is the only retailer that gives all pre-order content away for free eventually. They also give all DLC for free (DLC is usually substantial). Like The Witcher 2 and most likely Witcher 3 let me know another game that I can play twice and have over 30 hours of a new environment, new stories, and new characters to interact with in a second playthrough?

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but but but but but console gaming is so simple, put in disk and use couch, no settings ugah ugah ugha

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there is a thing called pc gaming that has good resolution and framerates. also resolution that goes way beyond 1080p

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WOW!!! 30fps these next gen super duper hardware boxes is incredible.

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Just rebuild or upgrade your pc. If you want to save money buy something like a used graphics card, maybe a GTX 680, a used processor, used ram, etc... you can find all of this stuff on ebay or craigslist

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I am excited for the Rift as well! I have used Nvidia 3D Vision and glasses for pc gaming for a few years, and it truly is incredible. I can not wait to try 3D gaming with head tracking and maybe the Virtuix Omni.

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Is a single GTX 970 better than two stock GTX 680 2GB cards in SLI? Also would 2 GTX 970s in SLI obliterate two GTX 680s while gaming at 2560 X 1600

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price of most console games at launch $60. price of many of those same games on pc at launch less than $40. price of every game a publisher makes during (often 10 games or more) a Steam sale, about $100. price of every game a publisher makes bundle on a console, never. i might a get a ps4 for the great exclusive games however I will stay away from 900p or 1080p as much as possibly. I prefer to enjoy the hundreds or thousands of more pixels a gaming pc can create.

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i agree sleeping dogs and the dlc was excellent, however i think i am done with it. . i think i need to spend time completing AC4, replaying Wolfenstein, so I can move on to new amazing games.

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i thought sleeping dogs on my pc at 1600p looked incredible, is this version going to somehow look better?

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"Next-Gen Characters?" This is more like next-next-next-next gen in console land. In regards to pc gaming it is current gen if your pc can handle it.

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so basically a 2004 gaming pc compared to a 2007 gaming pc in regards to the graphics comparison.

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First Witcher is awesome, (copmabt is a little weird with the mouse and keyboard). Witcher 2 is also awesome, it is literally two games in one.

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