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Last I checked both sold 82 million even when Sony had a PS2 fanbase of 150 million vs OG Xbox's 25 million yet you pretend that gen never existed to boost your pathetic delusional ego.

OT: Typical arrogant Sony. Stay classy, just like your fans.

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Wow! A comment without xoxoxoxoxo.

How's this guy not banned by the way?

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I just beat the game yesterday. It was very good. I'm not the type that gets scared at all, but damn, that game sure knows how to make you jump.

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No one heard of 3/4ths of that list, not even PS fans. You try so desperately to grasp onto any little obscure indie when you're cornered. What are you going to do when [email protected] and all of MS' Japanese exclusives come out?

AAAs like Sunset Overdrive, Halo Master Chief Collection, and Forza Horizon 2 makes the PS4 line-up look lackluster.

Not only does MS demolish PS4 with AAAs, but now they're demolishing them in ALL dep...

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If you want to play that game and include obscure Japanese games as if it's an advantage:

Project Spark
Ori and the Blind Forest
Killer Instinct: Season two
Dance Central Spotlight
Sunset Overdrive
Halo: Master Chief Edition
Forza Horizon 2

Amazing exclusives like Sunset Overdrive, Halo Master Chief Collection, and Forza Horizon 2 are poor offerings because PS4 is...

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Keep up the commitment Microsoft.

Right now is by far the best time to be an X1 gamer with MS' amazing dedication to core gamers and staggering AAA line-up.

And from what I hear, their momentum isn't stopping anytime soon.


Their excessive commitment to the core gamer is the momentum he's talking about.

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You THINK they have more games cause of all their indies and f2ps, but you forgot about [email protected] You forgot about all the Japanese X1 exclusives too, yet mention the ones for PS4.

There's no doubt X1 dominates 2014 and 2015 with AAAs, but these loyalists who claim PS4 has more games cause of the indies and obscure Japanese games need to get updated, cause now X1 dominates in ALL aspects of gaming, not just AAA.

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Titanfall did amazing according to reviews, the top rated exclusive. People love to say Titanfall is overhyped cause it's an MS exclusive, but Metacritic states otherwise.

Titanfall is the most hated game on N4G. There's a huge reason for that: insecurity. Even before its release N4G continuously bashed the game while critics were praising it. And what a surprise, they still hate it.

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DX12 won't be a massive change, but it will nevertheless give a nice boost. Just like that June update, it wasn't a massive change, but it definitely helped developers with resolution and enriching gameplay.

Any boost in performance is always a plus.

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So much AAA in one list for fall 2014 alone. Well done, Microsoft. We asked for games, you brought us games.

I can't wait for Sunset Overdrive. I have a feeling that game is a big runner-up for GOTY. Also Halo Collection and Forza Horizon 2. So much replay value with Xbox, can't wait.

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Honestly, every game released so far this year except Titanfall has flopped according to reviews.

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So PS4 has more indies right now. Wooptiedoo. What an advantage considering most of these games no one has ever heard about. Hell, the PS4 can come out with 300 indies and ONE AAA, and the same people will go around boasting "PS4 has more games". If you want to play that game, X1 has more games coming than PS4 with [email protected]

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Being the highest rated next-gen retail game so far, it's one of THE BEST game this year AND last year. Most people saying they're disappointed never played the game. Critics and gamers praised the game before AND after its release.

I personally love Titanfall and am going on my 12th day of playing time.

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They better.

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Sony shouldn't get away with ripping off those who pre-ordered early let alone make a remaster of a game that released less than a year ago. Although I just beat the game two weeks ago and it's awesome, it doesn't need a remaster. It just frickin came out.

And for those saying some PS4 owners never played the game, PS Plus anyone? Seriously, this is a perfect example of Sony trying to release anything they can grasp into.

Halo Collection is way mo...

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Well said. This definitely explains why X1 has a better attach rate than PS4. Most people who bought an X1 have the money to invest in games. Price is definitely a huge factor, I'm very curious about NPD June.

Cool name, bro.

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This game is the first arcade game I've bought in a while. It's been years actually.

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The games just keep on coming. No need to spread negativity all over a thread every time MS announces a new exclusive. I know it's bad news for the competition but showing such hostility exposes the jealousy.

So we got a bunch of Japanese exclusives, a new Raiden game, and the 30+ [email protected] exclusive indies ON TOP of the staggering AAA line-up. There's no stopping MS. If you simply like games, you can't go wrong with Xbox One. Fact.

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I love how PS fans pretend that 50% more pixels means the game looks 50% better. You can barely spot the subtle difference between 900p and 1080p yet supposedly it looks "50% better".

They love to make a big deal out of such a subtle difference only because it's in their favor. Very typical and childish. But when it comes to games like Destiny and Battlefield Hardline they're no where to be found.

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Sad to see the usual suspects trying to downplay something like this, pretending MS isn't bringing many new IPs as well.

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