FFXV JPN Dec 2014? E3 2014 trailer, TGS 2014 hands-on gameplay? PREDICTIONS!
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Elena's Breast physics and Chloe's badunkadonk jiggling :)

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Yup. Boo to her. And she spends $30K on each video? What?? What would cause her to spend 30K? Even if she has to go buy all the consoles and a few games, that doesn't even come near $5K, let alone $30K! Does she spend it all on cosmetics and clothing? I've seen her videos, and she tries to make herself looking the best. That's called ripping people off if she really does spend the rest of the money outside "gathering information". There are various informational videos o...

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And all 9M and all 16M love their Xbones and PS4s. :)

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Tracking ends on Tuesday, November 9th. NPD data should release on Thursday, Nov 11th.

Gonna have to agree with most people saying MS is gonna win last month. There's no way they don't win when they're selling Xbones officially for $330. If Playstation wins November, then that would just be insane, and that kind of spells trouble for the Xbox brand when it doesn't even sell more at a much lower price.

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It seems like all these "gamer drama" happens on Twitter.

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Nope. Couldn't care less for Smash. What I want is a Colosseum/XD type Pokémon game on Wii U. No matter what games the Wii U gets, unless that is announced, I'm not getting a Wii U. I love Pokémon, and would buy a Wii U just for it. Don't care for Pokkén though.

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You're on a Playstation article. Post the same on a Nintendo article, and you'll have the same results. PS article = PS fanboys giving you disagrees. Nintendo article = Nintendo fanboys giving you disagrees.

Why exactly does a game have to "innovate" for it to be good? How does SM3DL and SM3DW innovate? Does 3DW "innovate" because of the new powerups? No that's stupid. If that's the case, COD "innovates" ever...

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GOW - 2005 vs NSMB - 2006
GOW II - 2007 vs NSMBWii - 2009
GOW III - 2010 vs NSMB2 - 2012
GOWA - 2013 vs NSMBU - 2012

GOW also has the two PSP games. Mario has had SMG, SMG2, SM3DL, and SM3DW. You might say "oh, they're 3D games!" But they're all basically the same. You still go through whimsical worlds fighting the same enemies with a few different power ups here and there, and fighting Bowser for the who knows how many times it is no...

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Anyone can tell me the download size for the Mass Effect games individually? For that price, I might be willing to pick them all up. Confession: I've never played a single ME game :(

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Yeah, that sucked. However, you can see Ignis and Gradio running to the same road just fine a few seconds later. The game is still most likely over a year away, so hopefully collision in that one area has yet to be fixed.

What clipping? I don't see Noctis' nor Ignis' shoes clipping through the ground.

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Thanks for proving my point. Look at the Wii U's best selling games. Mario everywhere! Why? Because the majority of Wii U owners buy Mario, and don't stray anywhere else. They don't buy games like Viewtiful 101 or Bayonetta or LEGO City Undercover because Nintendo doesn't even market those games as much as they do with Mario or Zelda. Nintendo owners are just as guilty of having their own always million sellers just as much as PS/Xbox owners.

Thanks for provin...

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On individual SKUs, Sunset Overdrive is #9. Bayonetta 2 sold less than 100K. 70K give or take a few thousands. DriveClub IDK.

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Really hate that N4G doesn't allow replies to replies of replies. You won't get a notification for this since I have to reply to myself.

And? Miyamoto is making it sound like the only games PS/Xbox players play are FPS and sports games, which is very ignorant of the market. Sure they sell the most, but there are several genres to pick from other than these two. ACIII introduced naval gameplay, and ACIV improved it. This shows the AC franchise has introduced experience...

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Any guess as to how many copies The Order 1886 are going to move?

Here's a hint: It will surpass Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze's, Pikmin 3's, and Bayonetta 2's combined total LTD sales its opening weekend...

Seriously, what's the point of comparing Smash to Driveclub? Two completely different genres with different markets, and you're comparing them to prove something that aren't event related.

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Of course the author is upset. Nintendo is always arrogant when talking about Xbox and Playstation by saying their games are all the same when that's clearly false. Then he goes on to say you can't learn anything from films. That's just pure ignorance. Even if he did create Mario and Zelda, what he said was still very asinine. When people say Nintendo games are just a bunch of the same old Mario games, you can blame Nintendo for also thinking this way regarding their competitors. ...

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They know just how to get me! Added money to my Eshop account, and now waiting until Nov 20th 6PM to download it just like with X. Can't wait!

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We're due for a console destined to sell worse than the Gamecube this generation. 7th gen was really healthy with a 100M selling Wii, and both PS3/X360 selling over 80M each. In fact, 7th gen had the most combined sales (260M+) ever in the past 7 generations so far. The 6th gen had 155M for the PS2, and less than 30M for both Xbox and GC, going under 210M. The PS4 is really healthy, and Xbone doing fine as well, but the Wii U is just a downer. As for the 3DS and Vita, the Vita is only sli...

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This is a good move. Having two SCE games in one month (The Order 1886 and Bloodborne) was too much. One was bound to get moved to give equal marketing. Besides, moving to March is a smart idea. Western gamers are getting The Order 1886 and Evolve and Witcher III, and Japanese gamers are getting Dragon Quest Heroes (which will prove vital as the PS4 desperately depends on this game to attract the Japanese market). March has FF Type-0 HD with the FFXV demo and Bloodborne, all being widely app...

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Sonic '06, welcome to the world your son, Sonic '14, better known as Sonic Boom.

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I bet the next time he runs his mouth, he says there's nothing to learn from western game design.

Why must Miyamoto run his mouth? If he said something along the line of "There's something to learn from films, and that is to try to be influenced by them rather than emulate", then most people would probably be fine with that. But NOTHING at all? Get off your high horse. There's always something to learn from other forms of media. And boring competition? I...

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