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Yeah sure, look at RE3 Remake and see how that went lol...

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This prick is whining about a free update... Also "his hair flutters in the breeze indoors", this has been in the game for 7 years already. Wow, such a disaster.

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80€ for the full game... Yeah I think I'll pass.

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Amazing! Death Stranding is one of my favorites and I'm so happy they make a sequel ☺️!

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You can move around and use other weapons if there's many enemies... It's your own fault if you go bashing heads against a large group.

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The dodge mechanic is so easy in this game... I don't get it how these people can be reviewing games, if they have problems with that.

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Awesome news, I loved Control!

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Some people can never be satisfied if you're complaining even about his jacket lmao.

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How does it exactly look better than SH2 Remake trailer? Also if you would be a huge fan, you would be excited to have SIlent Hill resurrected.

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12 month PS5 exclusive.

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Looks so mindblowing 😍. I'm so happy Silent Hill is finally back!!!

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It's a low amount considering her experience as voice actress and with a franchise that has made $450 million. That's the problem. Not sure how can it be so hard to understand.

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I'm guessing similar length to Dead Space games, not too short but not too long either.

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Looks so damn fantastic! Also Karen Fukuhara <3...

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You're allowed to be excited. Many gamers prefer not to preorder though, which also I think is the smart thing to do. Not getting the game any faster by preordering.

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I would love to have a remake of Code Veronica instead of 5 and 6.

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Need Sam Lake's face and then it would be perfect.

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PC release ftw!

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PS1 days were amazing when games released very often. Like a new Final Fantasy every year. Good times...

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As a long time FF fan I'm just not feeling the hype for this game. Not sure why.

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