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yup it really is. TO ME. This ps seem... lacking of something...
The controller on the ps4 is very poor compared to the3.
I can name more but well, it seems more social media themed.
bu whatever

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Been a long time here so I'll make it quick.
I was surprised to see no real complaints on the game.
Everywhere perfects. Oddly enough, the last games not only
Didn't get perfects but complaints abouy certain things.
The shyt that a certain groups of people complained about now hype it as the best.

Now as a fan. I didn't get far in. No hayter.
But I noticed no rations, from comments no cutscenes, light story and a incomplete ...

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im very dissatisfied with the attacks on psn.but this is why i didn't want a x1
if psn goes this route fully this is my last gen gamming, so back to old systems and games i didnt finish.

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No diabro,wisher,skyrum none oftbose games compare
to a final fantasy.
To even try to compare, such blasphemy.

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still no care.
want vita version you *****

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ha. the garbage box still has no worth.
Well a fool and his money....

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I'm sorry i kno this is about square and i really don't care about the disagrees,
but that box put a big damper on the game world.

Ever since the turmoil introduced from dlc, to online play, japanese
developers (some) have faltered on what makes a game good appealing
to a whole diff demographic.

One system 1 or 2 yrs ago tried to convince people that mp was the future of
Now casual and last gen gamers a...

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i hope that sht sink, burn, and fall hardd.

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This has alot of potential.
And kojima has alot to live up to.
I think with steven king this would have man.......
Jesus christ..

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Don't worry nintendo this is bought.
Won't be touching that shooter game starting with a d...
So damn generic.

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Xbone is fuking trash all the way.
That shyt will never be in my house, and of all the people i only know 1
who has it.

Wii u and playstation for life.
Put the boxes in the bin, and beat it.

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can sombody point me n the direction of umm....
you know....

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no halo was just
i would rate them the same, no better or less.
average gamez, nothing special at all.

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just bought 4 for 5.
for some reason 5 seems more like it should have come out for ps4.
and im actually willing to wait to get it.

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i need this game.

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When magazines was alive yes.
Under the internet act, no not at all.
Even that magazine from gamestop is pure garbage.

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Here we go...
If you are not said culture, please stop speaking for them.
If nobody wants that shyt system leave it be.
Hell not everyone in the states want it either.
These ******* articles man...
If its not downing nintendo, its about that shooter game, if not that
then this.

It shows who really are not gamers....

Edit: maybe they are bomarded by western standards,
and are trying to get 500mil and 2b...

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Well marketing does consists of paying reviewers, and some people on here
to hype said game.
To all those who like it enjoy.

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This is funny..
The ego invovled in this is very ******* shameful.
And this joke war is based on just that.
We allowed casual, and mainstream to not only tell us how to game,
but instigate a "war" as these clowns call it like this is basetball/football.

And it started with the 360.
Only the paid and who truly don't game promote this.
Hell you heard how the person who made fez feel about jpn games,
and yet ...

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