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After cyberpunk failure its hard to be excited for anything.. . Maybe next elder scrolls but that's it. The state of gaming industry is pretty bad.

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Hope Ghost of Tsushima and Bloodborne are next.

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Then lower the prices of new games Jim. 80 euro price in eu is insane.

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Agree. PS5 games cost 80 euro in Europe. This guy needs to be booted asap and replaced with someone competent.

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Just pure greed. Sony nickel and dimes to the max next gen... .

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Big oof. I wonder if ubisoft ever start optimizing their games.

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TLOU 2 is a poor Rambo parody where Rambo is a teenager girl (look at the box art). Just couldn't take it seriously, this kid brutally murdering everyone in the game while thinking whole the time about her girlfriend , pot etc. . Just unbelievable that modern narratives hit that low.

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30 fps is garbage. Ubisoft are idiots. And here I was expecting something would change next gen.

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It should be. Microsoft has very low standards.. .

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Pretty much.

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You are naively optimistic if you think you are going to win in female dominated courts.

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