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Do you always make excuses for multi-billion dollar companies? or is this a new thing for you?

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PSN has always been trash, and everybody knows it, constant maintenance on top of all the other issues it has and missing features, its a complete mess, anyone who trusts PSN with their Credit Card info is a complete fool, Sony can't even protect themselves with the Noth Korea situation, how the hell are they going to protect its customers, and now they want us to pay for this sh!tty network, screw that, PSN is trash and there is nothing more to it, its not even close to comparable with X...

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Quite possibly the best looking Game previewed so far, can't wait

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is it not possible that this is for an already existing console? maybe a re-design? X1/PS4 Slim maybe

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Xbox LIVE has beenup and running fine for days now, what the matter Sony??

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i think he said his wife is starting a company or something that he is going to help with, anyways PSN is unfixable, didn't you know this? if it could be fixed it would have been fixed by now, PSN is FUBAR

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Xbox LIVE was up boxing day morning, cant say the same for PSN, Microsoft recovered much more quickly

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C,mon now @TheArabGamer, we all know you just wanted a click bait headline

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Nice to see more Apps coming to the Service, Xbox LIVE just gets better and better!

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Xbox LIVE was up yesterday morning for me, and a lot of others

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Nintendo hasn't been relevant in a long time, and they will stay that way until they step up their Online game, even Sony has stepped up their Online game now with PSN compared to were it was when the PS3 launched, now is the time though Nintendo, and make a normal Controller already Nintendo!

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This is all a big advertisement i bet for Kim's new site since the Government shut down his last one lol, how many people are going to google this now? and are hackers (quote, unquote) really going to listen to anybody? half the internet has told them to stop this already and they are going to listen to Kim? i doubt it

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Old games i understand remastering them, the games we cant play online anymore or they need to be updated, its the recent Games getting remastered i don't understand, 1,2 year old games that i can still play online and the graphics still look good, why do i need to re-buy this? makes them look greedy imo

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Sadly, it's quite difficult to defend your network from traffic. I mean, more servers would always be an option, but that's probably just a sticking plaster on a gaping wound. if they could do something, i'm sure they would

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Sadly, it's quite difficult to defend your network from traffic. I mean, more servers would always be an option, but that's probably just a sticking plaster on a gaping wound.

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A NEW ERA OF CRAP why do these Gaming companies do this?? espiecially Sony of all of them who were suppoe to be the protector of Gaming!, now they are pushing this DRM demo based crap that i cant stand

#4TheGamers tho lol

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Yea, even though some Xbox One games run it a lower resolution, with the built-in upscaler it doesn't look that noticeable as well, lets not forget that all these games are fun and both Consoles have their positives and negatives!

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is the whole thing offline?

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Another cheap comedy is a good movie to you? your not very old are you? movies use to be great, with deep storys and great actors, not the sh!t we have nowadays

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Is it completely down? or just the Friends List again?

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