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The real reason for higher stats is xbox gamers have no lives and play games 20 hours a day. Destiny is basically a grind shooter, so those with the most time on their hands will have the highest stats. Especially those with no real life friends, girlfriend, or job ie. the average X-boner.

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"Dear Investors, we didn't get a significant sales boost, so to prevent you any discomfort, we will purposefully neglect to report on it so you don't get discouraged and do the unthinkable, like sell our stock and buy Sony stock"

~ Schmuck Executives at Microsoft

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lol who cares, it's a bunch of useless crap for virgins to display on their shelves to scare off the opposite sex.
I feel bad for any schmuck who's still a man child spending this kind of money on a bunch of useless junk that will collect dust lol

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It's very great on Sony, especially considering the underhanded marketing tactics Microsoft has been employing with its Destiny Cologne or whatever it was... with a link that leads to you buying the X-bone with Destiny bundle.

Although really, this has been going on since the days of Nintendo and Sega, nothing has changed, except now the flame wars are fanned on the internet instead of at the school playground.

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In case anyone doesn't realize, retailers will show games several months before release. We already know it's coming to PS4, what we don't know is when, so the retailer is just putting it out there that it may be available at some point in the future.
This was done for Duke Nukem Forever and that took 10 years to come out lol
But really, it will probably be a 4 month exclusivity.

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The dev that is commenting didn't have a strenuous game that pushed the hardware, plane and simple. When your game engine is optimized to push the hardware, you'll need all the RAM you can get and then some!
Plus, not all game engines are well designed, and don't take advantage of the hardware efficiently. When some devs claim they are "maxed out" what they're really maxing out is their game engine, not the hardware, which is why you always see a more advanc...

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They were compared to show that some remasters have more content than others and a higher value proposition than others, that being 4 Halo games with 100 multiplayer maps for 60 bucks, whereas TLOU has just one game with the DLC single player and maps, however all other DLC is cross buy, meaning you only get it of you bought it on PS3, else you have to pay.

Here in, it's a rather valid point considering the initial "highway robbery" articles that kept popping u...

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What some people don't get is that companies are not one person's opinion, and all communications sent out must be reviewed to align them with company policy, mission and vision.

This one guy writing this is a narcissist if he thinks his personal opinion is so important that a company should back it. There's no room for personal opinions from company communications.

What I don't get is why Nintendo would even do this with Mercedes... does an...

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Well, 0 excuse on PS4 since Ghosts was 1080p and went above 60FPS at a few parts causing screen judder. X-boners, sorry, you may be stuck with 900p and occasional dips in frame rate if they amp up the graphics as much as they are this time.

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While the deal may be pissing off a lot of non X-bone gamers, it's capitalism. Microsoft decided to throw money at Square Enix for exclusivity since they don't have an adventure game to compete with Uncharted 4, which will undoubtedly be the Adventure game of the year when it releases. From a gamer standpoint it may suck, but Sony may not be worried about it because if Uncharted 4 comes out alongside Tomb Raider, having TR come out on PS4 as well will likely detract from U4 sales sinc...

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I don't get why anyone cares, collector's editions are giant wastes of money that take up shelf space and guarantee scaring off any girl that will walk into your room... so if you're one of those guys who is still buying collector's editions, we all know you're probably still a virgin.. lol

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Ok not gonna lie, the author has mild down syndrome... take it easy on him. He can't figure out rudimentary game design... this website lets him write for them as charity.

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For those who didn't read the article, an NCAA football game has historically been released in July and was always the top seller every year, and it's no longer being made. Analysts took into account that this is a remake in their forecast, you must take all factors into account, however the only disappointment was that it didn't meet forecasts.

It is not saying that it is in any way a low selling game overall as it is the month's best seller, or has disappoi...

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lol wait... you mean it might be insensitive if he throws bombs as his projectile move, and occasionally blows himself up with them by accident? I'm shocked...

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That would be great, unfortunately Sony has the rights to Spiderman and all the Spiderman villians, which is why in the last marvel vs capcom game he wasn't in it... all because of Sony Movie Studios and their stupid licensing.
Here's an idea, since Sony has the Spiderman rights, they should make Spiderman and all villains PS4 exclusive!

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lol darx, here come all the people to correct your grammar.

On topic - not caring about your AAA games looking good sounds like the backtracking excuse-making of everyone who bought the X-bone. If you remember last gen X-bots were crowing every time they had a multiplat game with higher resolution than the same one on PS3... now all of a sudden they don't care? lol fanboys make me laugh... and vomit and the same time.

Yes, 1080p looks nice, and 60fps is...

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lol people are mad about... being able to buy a hat? Or a useless mask? Evidently if you bought all of this on PS3 it's cross-buy so you get it free for PS4... so if you can't play multiplayer without your stupid mask, you can stop crying.

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Yeah, but quite frankly in addition to having static camera angles where you can move in the direction your thumbstick is pointing, and allowing to either go 4:3 vs 16:9 (a stupid option quite frankly, 16:9 will give you more information on screen to see enemies attacking you) they should've done what people want most which is an optional over the shoulder camera!!! Static camera angles aren't used anymore in games for a simple reason - they're shit, clunky, unintuitive, and don&#...

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If you're paying that much attention to this site you need to get a life. There's more to life than this stupid site and definitely more to life than thinking about gaming every minute of the day.

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Tomb Raider was also too much money for just one single game in slightly higher resolution and frame rate. It was charged at a high price because of the lack of competition from other games since the library is lacking being that it is very early in the PS4 life cycle.

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