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Maybe that was too soon.

Don't feel bad. Nyx is my character in the Fallout universe and that name isn't there either.

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Some wikis, like UESP (Elder Scrolls) and the Fallout wikia, are pretty good and one can get by without a guide....ONCE these wikis have the information. Unfortunately it takes a couple weeks after a game release for that information to build up.

Take MGS5:PP for example...the wiikis are good, but in this game's case the guide is/was invaluable. The wealth of information it contained over the wikis was mind boggling.

Again, guides are not always better th...

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It looks fine with the Aegis Armor obtained for finding all the music boxes. Since the Armor is already completely White it blends perfectly. The only issue is you won't likely use it for long because you'll have better cloaks available once you level a few times.

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Like SaffronCurse said above, they are only locked out of Dailies (Story and Crucible), Nightfall, King's Fall (Raid), and Trials of Osiris, for obvious reasons to what is in rotation content-wise.

You can still play all the story missions for associated content (Vanilla, Dark Below, House of Wolves), their associated Raids (Vault of Glass [Vanilla], Crota's End [Dark Below], Prison of Elders 28-35 [House of Wolves; technically not a Raid]), and even legacy Strike and...

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"They can't make you obtain everything immediately."

Many people forget Destiny is being developed around an MMO model. They need to have something that keeps you coming back. There is no instant gratification in MMO's, only grinding...lots and lots of grinding - that is the whole point and purpose. If the MMO model puts you off, why are you playing and/or why are you wasting your time complaining - you knew Destiny wasn't going to be like other FPS'...

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Problem is it is only when the missions are Daily Heroics that anything special happens. Seeing as only the "current" content story missions end up in the rotation, this means anyone who misses out on these opportunities once new content comes out will be boned. Just ask anyone new to Destiny with the Taken King about their House of Wolves Grimoire (it is COMPLETELY unobtainable - there are no more Wolves on Patrol).

This is only one example, but serves as an exampl...

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Have you ever watched Price is Right? Pachinko is similar to Plinko from Price is Right.

Pachinko is a form of gambling pinball machine in Japan. However it usually pays out balls or a ticket which you then "sell" to a clerk in the back or next door to "skirt" gambling laws.

Konami is the lowest of lows.

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Like I said in some of my other comments, most of the mentality of it being hard comes from people who have gotten used to all the other boss encounters in Destiny where they can hide and camp in a 90%-100% safe spot and snipe away or rocket launch the boss.

Strike bosses Sepiks, Archon, Phogoth, Sekiron, Valus Ta'aurc, Taniks, and Omnigul can all be "cheesed" from a single spot. The Raid bosses (Atheon & Crota) still have some mechanics but once you're ...

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Camping has never worked in any of the games I've played with groups that tried. It always led to getting overwhelmed by adds or dieing from Skolas' solar cannon splash damage (which is STILL a threat for at least one person on the shielded platform - someone WILL get hit, trust me).

When I ran the "running" strategy, there were WAY less deaths and adds were WAY easier to manage. Does it take a bit longer? Yes, but considering we only wiped ONCE getting used...

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I only found him to be hard as a 34 encounter. On 32 he is much more approachable (less health). Having good shotguns or SGA really helps with the containment bubbles. I always use SGA (and before Black Hammer was nerfed) I'd just snipe him down instead of Gjallys. Black Hammer+SGA was far more useful in the long run than Shotgun+Gjally.

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Especially on Lightswitch. There is also a Vandal who "teleports" to the center of the shielded platform. It only seems like he teleports because there is no "jumping" animation for the Vandal. Besides the Vandal all enemies who do come up to that platform come up on the far end (closer to the open map "edge").

This spot is a good spot until Skolas shows up. There is no good camp because of the splash damage from the solar cannon. This is why you...

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You have no idea how much. Just 2.0 (the Taken King Patch) has changed loads about the game. Check the MegaWiki on reddit:
for all the changes and additions.

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"...we chose to hide behind barriers on a shelf at one end of the room and avoided “going for a run” (taking a tour of the arena when things get too hot)."

Of course they made it hard on themselves. That is the problem right there. You CANNOT camp on Skolas. You CANNOT use that strategy. It is left over from how people cheesed out the rest of the bosses in Destiny. It doesn't work on Skolas. There is NO cheese for Skolas. You actually need to work.

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It's more than just Hive. It is ALL the races. The Taken King is going to begin with an all out assault on the Cabal.

The whole point of the "Taken" is that it is the result of beings corrupted by the Darkness (you know that thing that has been central to the entire Destiny story). There will be Taken Hive, Fallen, Cabal, and Vex. They are corrupted versions with new movements and attacks. They will definitely behave very differently from their non-Taken version...

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Thanks to the age of internet connected consoles, every game releases broken and unfinished. How broken varies by the developer and publisher.

Publishers have gotten worse about their deadlines and developers have gotten worse about reaching those deadlines at the sake of patching the game later (AC: Unity much?).

If you're worried...don't buy it right away. That is your choice and right as a consumer. You could also get it for PC. The PC Fallout game...

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"Without Kojima it's the end...please show me a MGS game without Kojima that is good, that's right there isn't any out of the few there are. Silent Hill was the same, Castlevania was the same, and everything else got left to rot in Konami's basement."

I would agree. Silent Hill really began to slip after SH3. "The Room" was OK, but you can tell that things were changing and it wasn't the fault of the game's was someth...

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-It comes with all the previous DLC and the main game.

Correction: It cannot be purchased without the previous content AND base game.

It is sold standalone as an add-on for $40 USD IF you already own Vanilla + Dark Below + House of Wolves. If you only have Vanilla, you'll need to buy BOTH Dark Below & House of Wolves before it lets you buy The Taken King as they're prerequisite.

Considering the price, you are better of getting the...

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Three level 34 characters with too many hours between them. I'm not re-creating anyone.

The light level system was only convoluted in the sense that Bungie never explicitly explained it very well in-game. You had to go to wiki's and Reddit to understand the system. Once you understand it it is easy to exploit it to level up quickly. Each piece of armor can carry up to 42 points of light (VoG armor without Etheric goes to 30 points, Crota Armor without Etheric goes to ...

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Most of the people who post about Destiny here are trolls. Destiny does have tons of content, more than I can finish each week. They just don't understand the flow of a game like this. Destiny's true grit resides in the weekly resets and challenging yourself through all that content before it changes again (PoE and weekly Strikes) or you loose a chance as locking in your rewards for the week (all endgame content).

If you cannot see the "fun" in approaching s...

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Some people don't get what a regional outage is and that it means "not everyone". Some have the mentality of "I can get to it, must be down for everyone then".

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