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Actually, I did on my twitter last night. But whatever... what do I know?

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Never "really" went away... Just had to change some things to post again. Silogon, he and I are not affiliated. His website has nothing to do with me and my work.

I do know him, but not personally. He is in a pretty successful band out of Kansas City I hear, too. His music is good, his character and what he did = not so good.

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Morons... I never said Epic was being bought by Ms, learn to read. Go find the post where "I" said it.

and number 2... Find the post where I said Kojima's project had nothing to do with Metal Gear. Watch those "MGS" and learn to read between the lines. I was right. It had nothing to do with "MGS" I just couldn't break any news of it before they did.

Don't believe me. I don't care... I've been proven legit for 3 years almost. It nev...

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Sony's E-3 is worlds beyond MS presser. Trust me. They can walk in, announce 3 of the games I know of and win. They don't even need the other perks you're about to see. Sony wins E-3, unless nintendo pulls off something epic-scale huge!!! Which, we haven't heard as of now. We have heard they got some stuff planned, but nothing like what Sony has instore.

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I never Said MS was buying Epic games... a close friend at GT said they were under the impression that was the big announcment from Epic... Go back and learn to read.

The "Trico" trailer isn't real... IT is a tech demo, Sev happened to land into. IT was a demo from the developers to show Sony what they could do with the hardware. That is not the game you will see tomorrow. Trust me. I know.

I've been constantly right, time and time again and you all ha...

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We got confirmation from them and it's going to be announced tomorrow for the Ps3. Trust me. And the higher ups have also confirmed it for me aswell... MG -> rising -> PS3 & Xbox 360 & Pc.

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It's not exclusive... It's also on its way to the Ps3. Sony's presser will have 3 announcments from Kojima tomorrow. This is one of them. The other for PSP and the last one -- well, I can't talk about it any further.

Epic is about all I can sum it up with. Sony's event is going to blow you all away, guys.

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We just spoke with Konami's PR and it's also on for Ps3. Outlined tomorrow. That's not all, either. We've got a huge show for you guys tomorrow. I mean huge!

Follow me on twitter, folks. It's going to be epic!!!!! Huge!!!! Trust me.

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Actually, it was just pointed out to me that the 8 represents "HI" and it's not an 8 at all, but the Japanese Kanji symbol for "Sun" or "HI" or "DAY" depending on the context ... I was under the assumption 8 would be the number of systems Metal Gear would have been on had one been made for the xbox 360.

Alas, I don't know what Kojima's final project is, so I can't confirm what it is or isn't. I know 2 of his projects are Sony exclusive. ...

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Sony won't fail you guys. I've seen some of their big stuff and it's nothing you all have seen or heard from, other than me talking about it over the last 2 years. We have some show stealers still to show.

Kojima is also making an announcment on Sony's behalf too, so don't go thinking this is a shallow victory or anything.

As for Epic games, we don't know what MS is going to do. We can't say here on our end. We do know they approached Sony with a project and S...

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We just got word, can't say 100% for sure or not as we do not work for Microsoft, that they are set to buy up Epic Games and make the announcement at E-3.

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just poppin' in to let some people know that we just got word that MS presser will now include a cameo spot from Kojima "98.9% for sure" and there is talk on that side of the fence that Microsoft is buying up Epic games.

Take it or leave it, but I am a pretty close friend/associate of someone over at GT and he said it's all but certain.

This is a blow to us at Sony, for sure. We'll just have to wait and see how MS plays their cards, I guess. I am not a...

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No he wasn't... King Koopa was. Bowser was not in the 1st game.

And all of his arguments are valid, like it or not. I am a huge SMB fan, played the first one in 1985 when I was 7 years old, if that.

But I like the way he thinks on these issues. E-3 we hear of a new Mario game for the wii, maybe it will adress these issues as what we've heard Mario will be lost in Nintendo world and all of his friends have been taken hostage by various Nintendo villans of the past...

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For the last time "NO"!!!!!!!

Silogon "Trevor" and I are not affiliated in anyway. He was a guy who I got to know over the PSN and Warhawk, as he was apart of our clan for some reason or another. Not my doing...

He expressed interest in carrying on my sort of delivery in giving out Game info and whatnot for sometime... More so after I was forced down by EA for breaking a few embargo's on Dead Space, Dark Void and a few other bits Neo Gaff's, ...

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That "Trico" Footage isn't real game footage, man. Whoever thinks it is, stop believing it. The game is so far removed from that nearly 1 and a half year old footage (and that was when I seen it) it's not even funny. It should have never been shown and "SEV" owes you an apology for misleading you all.

If you want the truth from someone who works for SCE and choose to believe it: here it is. That footage was a tech demo from "Said" team that was pr...

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They will and are. Stop crying... The sad thing is even after they do cut price the focus won't be on the fact they did -- It will then shift to "They did, but c'mon... it took them so long"

People are idiots.

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These predictions are funny... Cos I know what will be shown - Well, all but a few things. So, even still Sony's got a few things that will even surprise me.

I'd also like to let everyone know who are upset about all these "leaks" These aren't accidental. Please understand that. Sony knows what they're doing. The PSP was and will never be Sony's main focus... Letting PSP-Go info slip wasn't a mistake. It was a calculated move to let everyone think all their cards have...

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Just to let you all know a little something of what is and isn't. Gamesblow is always on the cutting edge, cos' gamesblow knows what he knows for a reason.

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1 - pwnsauce - Yes, there are 4 games still unannounced for E-3 on Sony's end. All the ones I'm talking about are commercial releases. The PSP GO does have a USB port on it too. Think of it like what you'd see with the PS3 and the controller charger.

2 - Faiizow - I don't say the name of the games anymore cos' I've been in trouble big time from companies like EA for breaking embargos on things. DEAD SPACE and DARK VOID for 2 off the top of my head. Not to mention PETER MOORE ...

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Sony has 4 games that I know of that haven't been announced and you all don't even know about publicly. Also, anything "SEV" says can be held with a grain of salt. His "Trico" trailer was absurd at best. Anyone in the know, like myself and my associates, knows that it was a tech demo showing off what "said" team can do with the Ps3 hardware. It was ultimately never even used and Sony didn't even give it the time of day when the Ps3 launched.


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