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for anyone struggling on boss 3 on SOTC check this vid out, it will help alot.

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I am Tekken master!

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A couple of games on that list are actually worth trying! .DeTuned & Linger In Shadows are worth checking out, both are easy 100% but enjoyable while they last. Back To The Future is a must for any fan of the movies.

But whoever wrote the list missed of some gems for those that like to get easy trophies, such as Trine 2 as it is a must for any trophy hunter, not only does it have its fair share of gold you can actually get plat without even having to finish the game lo...

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I tried playing recently, I really fancied a good game of cod at the time but after 10mins of playing I had to turn it off.

I have elite aswell which is a waste.

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Ghost Recon is awsome!

A few disconnect problems on multiplayer as with any game when first released these days but when its running smooth it feels like it should. The campaign is fun and out shines MW3 & Bf3's campaigns by far! especially being 4 player co op, none of us had a bad word to say about it which is a rare occasion for us.

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Only takes a min to download! Just wish it was for something worth mentioning.

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AC was my fave franchise, I have all PS3 releases and have Platinum trophy for each but Revelations was the straw that broke the camels back! No more economics! No more book collecting! No more mini games! especially tower defense! And for the love of god please please no American Revolution!

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