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Just bought this gun tonight on F it it’s Xmas . And must admit it’s a defo sleeper hit of 2020 . The game really good . If you like the Norse gods or like assassins or like GOW you will enjoy it now all we need is. Meteor too hit and restart this awful planet , minus us the horrid human that kills for faith . F Humanity !. We are a disgrace on this planet .

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Sick to death of people saying if you like game A you have bad taste in games or if you like game B you are the problem. Let’s face it we all like different things. I like this game and if you don’t that’s fine just don’t tell others what they can or can’t enjoy. I for one dislike Bloodbourne, Persona5 and Zelda but I don’t go crying to people who do like them telling them they are wrong . Everyone has different tastes so deal with it everyone on here !.

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Damn that thing is ugly easy pass

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Really loving this game, out of all the games i have to play on my PS5 this one is the game that i can't stop playing. Got around 100 hours on it and loved every minute, might just be my new game of 2020. And defo my new fave assassins creed.

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Cause it’s a game well a creation tool for a certain crowd. Nobody I know has any interest in it at all. Must admit I bought it day one played about for around 2 hours then deleted it . Send it to pc and more people will be interested on consoles it’s just not what many want.

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My triggers seem fine but i have 3 ps5 controllers and the x button on 2 sticks and does not feel right at all.

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Well the new assassins on ps5 is one of the best looking games out. So you wrong there .

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This is just stupid no way Is cyberpunk a bad game . Buggiest and glitch filled game of the year defo. But bad hell no its up there with the last of us 2 and Ghost Of T with its story and gameplay when it works .

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Haha you just reminded me of a girl I know who has a tattoo exact the same apart replace argument with finger .

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Is it the 9mm Beretta 92FS from my local (Italian) baker to blow this disgrace of a game into bits ? . Or maybe the Ak47 sub machine gun from my local cough (Russian ) butcher ?.

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A really nice thing . Come on so called celebs get your fingers in your bank account too. With out getting paid to do an advert .

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What traffic ?. I barley see a single car when driving around apart from one just spawns from nowhere right in front of me .

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I’d still buy a good Capcom classics collection on ps5 . And defo buy a Konami classic if it included TMNT and The Simpson’s arcade .

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I download it again on ps5 as I heard there was a massive 15 gig patch . It is a hell of a lot better . Game is a great game only probs I have now on ps5 are crashes and no other cars while driving . But it’s defo a big step up from last week . And I will be finishing the main game . But outside of night city the game is amazing and near perfect.

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Just scrap the multiplayer games like this don’t need it. Just concentrate on making the game more playable and polished .

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Such a shame how this turned out. I have deleted it off my PS5 as its still not how it should of been even on better hardware, but still wont get a refund though as ill just give them another 6 months or so and redownload then.

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Yeah i mean sitting on your ass and playing videogames or reaction to videos or for the girls showing a bit of flesh to get thousands off people is really hard work. Love to see them try and do 12 hour shifts in a factory. But i admit and respect to the odd few that actually do something useful mind like going out there helping others vids and such.

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Now stuff like this is good . Screw giving to all these nobody youtube idiots who don't deserve free stuff. Im all for things like this i would happily give to people like this compared to a single penny to a streamer.

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