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The key part of this review is the last con bullet point...if you any previous version of the Cities games, there is no reason to get this one.

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That rap was GREAT. Nicely done

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I bought on PC and have played for hours with zero issues. shrug

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Fun read. It'll be interesting to see who jumps at a kickstarter campaign next.

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Saryk...I'm sad to say that you'll soon find yourself in the same position that I did with SW:TOR. You'll realize you're playing the same P2P MMO with a star wars skin and you'll lose interest almost over night.

Sad, but it'll happen

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Stopped reading at "And be warned, it could be a bit spoilery in places".

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I had absolutely ZERO issues with the PC launch. Pre-loaded just fine, unlocked at the time it said it would, and played great for the few hours I played it. No lag, no issues whatsoever. Loving it!

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You're joking right? The only thing they can do with KB now is BIGGER. They just keep getting more and more outlandish. He is WAY past his prime.

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Very fun. With every video the game takes shape that much more. Can't wait for 12.20

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I talks english!

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Good list guys. Enjoyable read!

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Don't be a smarta$$, the article is about the upcoming CS console game.

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The main argument of the article is that Gears 3 has it's toughest competition yet. Lots of shooters this year compared to the other Gears seeing basically no shooter competition (Yeah World at War went up against Gears 2).

The game will sell really well, but not as well it could.

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Ummmm this is NOT a contradiction. He wanted more FROM the game, not more OF the game. Big difference. More GlaDos was not enough for him. It felt like more of the same. He wanted Portal 2 to add something new for him, but he doesn't feel like it did that.

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It's marked as an opinion piece. Don't click on opinion pieces if you don't care about them

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Did you read the article? The last line was "That isn't my idea of fun". Why would he continue to play if it isn't any fun for him? Everyone has different preferences in gaming and he doesn't like Demon's Souls. Who cares if it's because it was too difficult for him. Maybe he didn't have time or patience to play through a game with sub-par game play to begin with

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That horse you have is way too high for you. I think that video games have evolved past the point of having to repeat the same exact 5+ minutes of gameplay when you die. Maybe you enjoy that challenge, but as a father of 2 (who DID grow up with Atari and NES) I don't have time to sit around replaying the same thing over and over.

I'm not looking for something easy, but something that will hold my attention. Demon's Souls did NOT do that

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The box doesn't say that in order to finish the entire campaign of road to the masters (pay in all events and have a chance at the number one ranking) you have to but new courses.

And there's no gamebox from game fly :p

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Ummmm this isn't an article about game difficulty. It's about the fact he has to buy additional courses to play the full campaign to the masters. Oh, and date rape

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I'm fine with the game being the same mechanic as the first one, but I don't want to pay $60 for something I've already experienced. Look at Bioshock 2. Same game as the first you could find it for $30 just months after it released.

The article even says at the end that you SHOULD pick the game up while it's on sale for $40 right now. The point wasn't that Portal 2 isn't a good game, it was that in his opinion it isn't ...

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