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You summed it up perfectly. Zelda or Mario, God of War or an Uncharted review would never start with tired or stale or worn out but it is always open season on MS big franchises.

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What the robot that was in Gears 1

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Yeah pathetic is the right word. Why not be happy there is another great game out there for them to try if they ever get through their childish pettiness.

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@neuteredfox yeah why is it so hard for MS to get games scoring in the 9's when Sony and Nintendo get average games in the 9's all the time. I mean why are there so many toxic idiots commenting on anything xbox related. I mean neuteredfox what is it that drives you and your utterly petty views on gaming. Why cant you just enjoy the shit you enjoy and let others enjoy what they like?

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Its an Xbox game you can usually add 1 of 2 to the final score to compensate for all the fanboy reviewers. I mean more than half the commenters in this thread are toxic about this game simply because its on xbox and no PS.

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@neuteredfox your talking are you? All I hear is wha, wha wha why can't Sony make a fun shooter with lots of game modes and content

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@Jin_sak_o_sh.. So what are you saying exactly metacritic is meaningless? Or is it just the envitable fanboy drivel you toxic FB spout when a good game comes out thats not on your favourite plastic box.

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Ah now max stop telling porkies. Your comment history is filled with you bashing anything xbox. I fear you do nothing but think about xbox.

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So Forza horizon. Ori. Sunset Overdrive. Quantum Break. Gears 4 and 5 and Halo 5?

The best controller. The most powerful hardware. Dedicated servers. Gamepass I mean your fanboy is showing but you may want to sound less informed in front of gamers on a gaming website

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I want gears 5 so it sounds like they are making games people want

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They had revenues of over 10 billion last year and have confirmed they aint leaving the console space. But keep wishing if it helps you sleep at night

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@sphincterboy I guess you are new to gaming. The OG xbox was a fantastic console.

It had some truly spectacular games.

Ninja Gaiden
KOTOR 1 and 2
Project Gotham Racing
Halo 1 and 2
The first Forza
Jade Empire
Crimson Skies
Steel Battalion
Doom 3
Half Life 2
The Chronicles of Riddick just to name a few. It also had the best ...

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@steveo. You are correct he is probably somewhere crying. I mean all he has in his life is his love of a plastic box that plays games and his hatred of a different plastic box that plays games. Who knows maybe you hold him in the shower as you both sway and sob and make anti MS comments

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