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I enjoy Good Game. I just don't understand this review.

I loved the game!

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What a pretentious POS review.

Sums up the Aussie game media in a nutshell.

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I thought the anti-capitalist movement had died? I was sure they all got jobs...

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Just finished the campaign too. It doesn't try to reinvent the wheel but I felt there were some fun moments that broke you away from the FPS gameplay. The game gets progressively harder which is awesome.

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Yeah, but the review was awful.

It was basically him having a rant because the game isn't CoD.

If you can't review a game on its merits, you shouldn't be reviewing it.

Halo 4 is a great game, and its worth shouldn't be diluted by some snotty, smug douchebag reviewer that thinks he knows better than a majority of gamers.

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Keighley is an objective journalist that rarely critiques and simply just promotes games for people not interested in some douchebag journalist critiquing a game. He doesn't fall for the "review journalism" that plagues video game journalism. He just appeases gamers with facts with no subjective thoughts on games.

Who gives a shit if he gets sponsored by corporate giants? People don't rely on him for his opinion. They rely on him to inform us about games...

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I've seen Halo 4 quite extensively. The interiors are very similar to previous Halo games, but exterior environments, character models and animations, and just the overall look of the game is absolutely stunning.

Make sure you play this game in full HD on the biggest damn screen you can. It's gorgeous.

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They're two different games.

You realise that, right?

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I was also initially barred from entering the Black Ops 2 booth with my media pass. I didn't understand the logic at all. On the 2nd day I flirted a bit with the girl at the front and she told me to line up with the "Express" card holders, but I still had to wait 15 minutes (which is OK I guess...)

My understanding is that Activision is more intent on getting actual CoD community feedback than media feedback, which is understandable considering how relentless ...

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Epic journalist, Kotaku. Well done *claps*.

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The game's a solid 7.5. I still think it has an over reliance on quicktime events and scripted events. What I don't understand is how Capcom feels that this game is more accessible to a mass audience? It's a dumbed-down action game with poor cover mechanics. I really want to see a new-age survival-horror RE like in the old days. We haven't gotten a good console survival horror since Dead Space, and now that's gone the way of RE.

Take the RE6 engine an...

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I thought it already had? Some games on the Vita PS store have Plus pricing already?

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Dear Games "Journos",

"Xbox 720" DOES. NOT. EXIST.

It is "Xbox 360 successor", or "the next Xbox".

Yours sincerely,


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Funny stuff.

Also, Journos need to stop calling it "Xbox 720". It's "Xbox 360 successor" or "next Xbox". "Xbox 720" doesn't exist.

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This is seriously going to get like 500 degrees. Easily.

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I saw "face", "Newell", "Hentai" and "hack". My eyes lit up.

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Yay, another douchebag video game journalist telling me why multiplayer is so bad.

Journos need to start holding publishers accountable for this, and consumers. Developers have their hands tied. A little perspective please. Products are made to compliment consumer needs.

Yes, single player is great, but multiplayer gets large groups of players playing at the same time. I'd argue that the industry was saved by multiplayer at a time when the global eco...

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