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Reynolds was linked to it because he played him in the Wolverine movie but that was a few years ago.

I think the movie has (unfortunately) been shelved.

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"Its obvious Nolan is a fan of Tale Of Two Cities, because he "borrowed" heavily from that. "

Nolan admitted this.

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Legend of Dragoon 2

(I can always hope)

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Haunting Ground was pretty cool. Not on the Silent Hill level but very under-rated.

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wow Earthworm Gym...really?

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IG have 3 teams I believe.

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Europe got Deus Ex

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Stupidity never ceases to amaze me.

3264d ago 4 agree2 disagreeView comment we wouldn't. We know she dies in the game. lol.

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Well they need to make a living (or for a job), not just for themselves but for the many people not directly involved in making the game as well as to keep a business afloat.

One of many reasons I can think of.

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RE died for me at RE4 derp derp derp.

There has been one game since RE4. Jesus.

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curtisd88 - that sucks but I guess it makes sense.

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Actually looking forward to this.

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I was floored when I heard he was 90. The guy sounds and looks to be in good shape.

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Should have put refs in Heat uniforms.

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No console browser is useful.

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Legend of Dragoon

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"People don't get that isn't a feature list in their head, it is how it is done. Android has everything iOS does, but people choose iOS due to the experience."

Well except for the fact that Andriod has overtaken ios as phone of choice.

"I'll take better only functionality, party chat and the safety of my personal information over anything PS3 has to offer any day. :)"

You mean the very safe system that even Major...

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MS might not have a choice in the matter.

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