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wow im so glad I DIDNT buy a 360 to get DLC for the most overrated game ever made...

while you "PURCHASE" more DLC (Not a game)

ill be playing full games on the PS3 that are actually 1000000x better than GTA


see what i did there


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god this is sad

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since when did not having co-op penalize a game so much..

CoD4 didn't have co-op and that never seemed to be an issue

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sonys just needs to advertise..

most gamers dont read gaming magazines or regularly check online gaming sites such as n4g, ign, or gamespot...

if i fell into that category i wouldn't even know Killzone 2 was coming out....

and thats a problem..

second of all.... there are people who bought their PS3 strictly as a blu-ray player...

everyone who buys their 360 is solely to play games....

this, IMO, is why some games d...

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man that is so sad...

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i bought resistance 2 and having played up until the middle of the chicago level i can honestly the game is on borderline of fun/frustrating to the point where you would rather not play anymore...

thats just my IMO, i still like the game and plan on beating it soon, but it definitely doesn't hold my attention as much as I thought it originally would.

i'd rather play warhawk...

lets go killzone 2

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Im really surpried its #1 for PS3 in NA... is it being advertised at all or is this just off of word of mouth??

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best buy sucks too

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LBP is a pretty bad example.. its on its way to 2 million worldwide and probably 3 to 3.5 million lifetime or even by the end of 09...

on a different note: demos to make or break a game for me....

for example, on the fence about bioshock for PS3 after all the negative press over 2 textures... downloaded the demo and next day I purchased...

downloaded the Haze demo and well yea you know what happened...

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why is this news here??

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yea, i don't understand why anyone would care for or hype DLC for a game that's a year old now.... and mediocre at best...

If that supposed to be used as a marketing ploy to play GTA on the 360, it should've been released the month of or a month after. Not a year later.

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biggest disappoint for me this year was a lack of exclusives for PS3.

j/k :)!!!!!

i don't own a 360 so i can't comment on too human, but Haze was pretty awful.

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i dont think i will be buying the next GTA game.... i played about 30% of the game, got extremely bored and stopped playing and eventually traded it in

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when the author used the word "intensity", i believe he was referring to how having a partner now reduces the overall scare/alone factor that the first few games had.

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you would think after awhile the DS would stop selling since every person in Japan owns one.

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The article has the mentality of a 6th grader. Who approves this horrible writing?

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people are crazy here, the game was actually released somewhere in the Oct. 21-26 range, i can't remember correctly. But for only being out a little over 2 and 1/2 months, its sold exceptionally well for a new IP that is not a FPS shooter.

Realistically, the game will probably sell around 2 - 3 million units worldwide after all is said and done. $149,975,000 aint too shabby.

On another note, Sony really needs to advertise their games. Killzone 2 is right around the ...

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waits patiently for Killzone 2

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you know each console is unique in its own way and offers the consumer a different type of gaming experience. But as it stands, with the PS3 being $150 more expensive than both the 360 and Wii, it is going to sell less. It's just the way things work. Why do you think Toyota sells more than BMW, its cheaper. Even though it costs less, it still doesn't mean its a shoddy or unreliable product, it just means more ppl can afford it.

You know everyone would love to drive a BMW or Lex...

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well i have about 6 other friends that own a PS3 and they still haven't even heard about what "home" is, let alone downloaded it...

i was invited to the original beta and since downloaded the "new beta"

its ok, but nothing to take me away from the real reason I bought my PS3 in the first place...

Sony really needs to advertise their software better...

i'm pretty sure that number might jump to the 8-9 million range, if Son...

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