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Rather spend your money on a From Software game like Sekiro and thank me later

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playing WRC7 at the moment still, actually a damn fine rally game

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What is time really , life in-fact , it all comes to nothing in the end no matter what you do with it.

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Talk about things to be 'worried' about . this is not it.

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mine too

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Fortnite should be a major subject in school

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haha Epic

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And it is a gamble , what if you are 500 people spending 2 years on a game and it does not sell due to everybody playing Fortnite or something.
I do not blame them if they should abandon expensive single player.

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Waiting for Pimp Simulator 2018

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Fortnite BR taking all my time , sorry COD

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Maybe America will look back 100 years from now and think ' how ridiculous that automatic rifles were so easily available
, what were we thinking' Humanity still stuck in the dark ages in some countries.

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So .... everybody is on ps4 by now , stupid article.

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lol not

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The building mechanic in Fortnite sucks , every player building his or her own little fort and sniping from the top of it gets old and annoying very quickly , now if you could dig a hole or cave with your shovel that would have been more fun and acceptable.

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Busy playing through it now on ps4 , great game , but controls and camera can be a bit frustrating at times.

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Pirate much?

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Great , but so difficult . Still one of my favorite shooters from way back. Must be that if you never finish them , you will have a reason to try year after year.

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After playing a bit of MGS5 , I still do not see what is so great about Kojima games , a mess of storytelling and not so great gameplay to me.

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4k Doomed

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