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Lighting isn't even very good there.

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If anything that's a really bad sign. Nothing good has come out in quite awhile.
And it's not like PC gaming with infinite customization and depth to keep you playing.... I don't know how you consolites can stand that stuff for more than a month.

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She can go to hell. Someone obscure like that should just be glad people are listening. Without torrents/P2P to keep them in check we'd probably still be stuck getting charged $18 for a CD and have no reasonable legit online mp3 sales. Digital pirating is a very good thing overall for consumers.

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Just put a freaking warning. Limiting something for a few peoples condition is just stupid.

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Are they suggesting that they show early unfinished gameplay footage that looks like crap? CGI trailers are perfectly fine. Especially since it will probably have cutscenes that look exactly like that.

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Halo:CE is prettymuch my favorite console game of all time. Spend hundreds of hours coop and LAN parties.

Halo2/3. Utter mediocre garbage. Awful campaigns. Multiplayer lost most of the depth and unique subtleties that made the first so fun in LAN. IMO completely ruined the series. If Halo:CE had online multiplayer you would all see what garbage 2/3 are.

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Early demos are always on super easy. It's just stupid how people always try to analyze the AI and diss a game based on that from a video.

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Even if some people were dissapointed by MGS2 and Chrono Cross they are still extremely good games. Don't belong there at all. My top by far is Halo2. Can make a much easier case for that being disappointing than any of these games.

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That's the exact opposite of what I did with Vista. What's the point of all that garbage? 98SE was like the best operating system they ever made because it was so barebones functional.

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After seeing the latest video I don't think Postal3 should be coming out period. It actually looks worse than Postal 2 and not only in graphics.

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They shouldn't even be making games for 360. Need to get cracking on that new engine and HL3.

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Just now having the story complete seems like they're really really far behind. Unless that means every aspect of the game is roughed out then we're screwed. I mean it should take like a month to outline an entire story.

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"But the challenge is then, how do you do that in a way where people don't have to worry about hitting the wrong note or making a mistake?"

Holy god wtf?!!? Just get on with it and make the controller with 1 button labeled "WIN".

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Nintendo is killing themselves yet again.

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Old and stupid. Probably like 50 guns with customizations and stats modifiers.

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But shame that like all demos the player sucks and the game is on easy.

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Quality and potential of the game be damned.

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This prettymuch classifies it as an MMO shooter. If they do everything well it could be an awesome new kind of experience.

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I like the new features they're adding but that just looks absoulutely horrible.

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That is bad for PS3....... and the quality of the game.

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