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How is this game anyways? Looking to try an mmo

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Fox is a complete joke. Just a 24/7 propaganda line for facism. Not saying the others are much better but at least the pretend to be non biased.

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Okay if there's no Raynor at all but WTF?!

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I doubt this will be any less shallow and devoid of substance than Oblivion. Still going to be at least worth playing.

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Both would be a much better choice. They don't need to include a huge amount of content in the PSN version if they just make it cheaper.

Understandable that they'd promote the Blu-ray version because only a disc game can be a mega hit. But this was like the perfect game to just load up and play instead of having to deal with a disc.

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They are milking this way too far. I haven't cared since the original 151 when I was 11.

Those silhouettes look like appliances.

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Can't believe it's actually coming out. Kinda snuck up on me. Just came to expect it being "next year" forever.

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Desktops always have been far more powerful and cheaper. That's just never going to change based off the basic design alone. Laptops are becoming much more popular but anyone who needs serious computing power has a desktop.

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Because they charge to damned much for something you're not sure is worth it.

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I'd rather have them make ONE Goldeneye or Perfect Dark quality game for this generation than any number of the crap they've been making.

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It does look pretty awesome. Kinda ugly graphics but still cool. We'll see how well they work it out as an MMO tho. Could be amazing or just trash.

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Pretty pathetic how Halo fanatics instantly go to PS3 fanboy hate mode. Cod4 vs. Halo3 has nothing to do with console wars. Halo:CE is my favorite console game of all time but I consider Halo3 vastly overrated and quite mediocre. CoD4 is just a better experience compared to the stale unbalanced gameplay of Halo3.

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Gimmick + Good Advertising = Success. All they proved is that it doesn't matter if the system is overpriced garbage and games gimmicky crap. Very bad thing in the long run as underpowered consoles will probably become the norm.

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Saints Row 2 will be garbage. Mercs2 maybe.

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It's called a PC.

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The explosion mushroom cloud is cool looking but that is FAR from the best. Cryisis is unbelievable.

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That already exists. Wireless HDMI recievers. Just pretty expensive. Plus that's probably a big health hazzard with high powered microwaves constantly blasting you.

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It's not choice. It's ignorance. If they can get some moron to buy the gimped Core version over a PS3 or Wii because it's cheaper they've effectively baited you. Then %90 of people will be forced to eventually buy a HDD anyways. Classic bait and switch scheme.

It would be alright tricking people like that because a few really wouldn't ever use XBL. But then the problem of losing the benifits of a standard HDD. Installs/caching do help loading quite a bit. Both Sony and MS could e...

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At this point 360 is a very low end PC.

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Not only are both those things stupid. They already exist. It really does not need to happen and is a massive waste of time.

Politicians always focus on these stupid issues because they're so much easier than real problems.

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