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Crappy article. But 360 probably has pretty much peaked. Easy to use PC type hardware means they've been exploiting it like %95 since first ground up exclusives like Gears.

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I dunno if that's a very valid comparison. If he's visited the sites before it could be that Google Chrome is just using more memory storage.... which isn't exactly good.

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Oh my god that is a rip off. It's so bad I feel just sad for anyone conned into it. Sales practices like this need to be made illegal.

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Because flash memory constantly gets cheaper and cheaper. They should now have maybe 512mb internal for saves, but otherwise it's best to just let people expand. Would be just stupid to have a bunch of PSP 1000s with 32mb internal memory when 1GB is now like $10.

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Crappy Mii rip-off (which are stupid to begin with). Just massive failure all around.

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The only reason PC gaming has fallen out of mainstream popularity is because of customer ignorance. Minimum specs is definitely a joke. Recommended is usually the lowest you can run it decently at.

What they need is better standards. Better optimizing. And microsoft to FORCE computer manufacturers to include a decent graphics cards in all but the very cheapest computers. The main problem with PC gaming is that some know nothing could go to Best Buy today and spend $1500 on a com...

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Looks surprisingly polished and good. Better animations than most any mmo really. But yeah probably laggy and soon boring.

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RvB was funny like 5 years ago when it started. Definitely one of those things ruined by its own popularity.

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People actually LIKED that demo?!? You've got to be kidding me. I was massively disappointed. Felt and looked like mediocre crap in every regard. Only decent thing about it might be the cutscenes.

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As long as it's balanced and unique that'll be sweet. Not sure what it could be considering Toss/Terran/Zerg are each like an extreme side of biology. Maybe an extremely powerful race like the Protoss but no PSI.

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There's no benefit whatsoever over Blu-ray. Just cut the losses give up.

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I wish it was called AFRIKA:Big Game Hunter. But whatever I'll give it a shot.

I REALLY hope they use this engine and graphics assets in other games too. Seems like a waste to just use in this.

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Not if you have a true 1080p signal. Easily noticeable difference with computer input.

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You 360 fanboys are so pathetic. So blinded you can't even see how terrible this game is on every level. Guaranteed you'd be ripping it if it were on PS3 for the same massive flaws and crappiness we are right now. Seriously after playing the demo I can't see how it could get over a 5. Every aspect is mediocre AT BEST.

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Played the demo. Gameplay, animations, design. Everything about it screams mediocre.

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Only problem is coming up with a concept that works right. Try and make it like an RTS or what? Best as a traditional mmo would be start as a base terran/zerg/toss then eventually get vehicles and space craft.

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You're looking at the wrong porn.

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How could anyone like anything about this garbage? There's literally nothing good about the gameplay, graphics, or design in general.

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Under no circumstance does this game deserve over a 6.

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haha that's pretty funny. Could work out well if the whole thing is like actually building stuff with good physics. Would be sweet to build vehicles and castles to fight.

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