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Well that's good for Nintendo but it only confirms that they're ripping us off like crazy for an overclocked Gamecube. Might be acceptable if the games were dirt cheap. But ancient hardware and low-budget poor visuals minigames and next-gen prices is an utter joke.

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Haha nice fanboy wording. Pathetic considering this is the opposite. A standardized flash format supported by major companies would be great. Coming kinda late though....

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People really need to understand the difference between expensive and overpriced. PS3 is being sold and $200 UNDER manufacturing costs, yet is expensive at $499/599. Still is prettymuch the best value of any consumer electronics device ever. Sadly consumers are idiots and look at cost as opposed to value.

IPhone at $599, Wii at $250. Both are priced vastly over manufacturing costs and are not a good value at all for what you get. Even though the Wii hardware is worth $150 AT BE...

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Yeah the problem is it's too popular for its own good. There's at least a couple hundred Sony servers I think and hundreds more player hosted ones and they're all full. It is hard to get in a ranked game but it's not too much trouble. Kinda just proves how awesome the game is that so many people are trying to play it.

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Would be nice to get this soon. Probably is going to be the level they showed so it's probably near ready. A week or 2 after Halo3 is about the perfect time.

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Maybe a few PSN games would be 3D.... not nearly enough TVs support the necessary refresh rate to justify a big budget game.

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Yeah no way in hell I'd vote for that witch. Hope someone actually rational gets put up for election.... doubt it though.

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Yeah I think exactly the same thing. Halo:Ce is prettymuch my favorite game of all time. Played the campaign probably over 100 times of some levels and LAN parties for 3 years. I absolutely despise Halo2. Ruined the story and the campaign sucked anyways. The multiplayer lost most of the unique subtleties that made the first so amazing and was generally dumbed down and made easier to play. Halo3 I hope to god the redeem the campaign somewhat and the multiplayer not be a power weapon based crap...

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Hardly matters. Not cost effective any way you look at it. The games are just too huge to be storing or burning without spending more than you would've on the games to begin with.

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Well duh. Pretty damned obviously they aren't going into the holidays with only a $600 bundle. I wouldn't be surprised if we saw the 80GB at $399 and a new premium with a 160GB HDD and game bundle for $599. If the core and premium are actually far enough apart people won't just assume the Core is gimped and they must buy the premium like 360.

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What? Here's the games not on PS3 on that list:

360 - Bioshock, Halo 3, Mass Effect, Eternal Sonata, PGR 4, Ace Combat 6, Naruto: Rise of a ninja, Blue Dragon.


PS3 - Warhawk, Lair, Heavenly Sword, Uncharted, GT Prologue, Eyetoy games, UT3, and Haze.

Even the 07 lineup is about dead equal buddy with 08 being hands down Sony.

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This guy looks like his only attacks would be to go tell the admin on you or throw mangas.

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Yeah all they've done is piss everyone off. Blu-ray was finally taking a substantial lead and they went and did this. I don't give a damn which one wins as long as it ends soon but Blu-ray seems the logical long term victor with PS3 behind it.

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Yeah they're in a better position for America maybe. But 360 at this point is just doomed to a distant 3rd place unless they release a completely redesigned reliable system for $149.

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Gears was definitely not locked at 30fps people. That game dips into the teens regularly. Solid 30fps is perfectly fine and has been a standard for years. 60fps locked is just icing on the cake. And 30fps locked doesn't even mean it's not running much higher most of the time, just that it will never go below that at any point.

Christ you fanboys are pathetic I hate you all.... especially 360 fanboys.

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Why is this posted as news? Who the hell cares about these movies AT ALL?

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Damn if only it wasn't region locked I'd be importing that in a second.... But yeah it just proves that 360 and its games don't really have widespread appeal past the American male demographic. Quit acting like everyone should enjoy what you enjoy.

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I don't think it causes that, but it sure attracts people like that. I mean online gaming is packed with stupid arrogant jackasses.... especially XBL.

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Fanboys have been destroying PS3's reputation from the very beginning. Early 2005 on the Gamespot forums -> PS3 will cost $800, worse than 360, games locked to console (no rentals), charge you for demos, GT5 costs $800. People kept making up crap based off any stupid rumor or obscure patent to make PS3 look bad. The whole media picked up on the PS3 hate bandwagon as soon as the price point got announced. It's only now where we've seen the amazing stuff coming to PS3 and what it can do that...

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Man some of you are stupid. It's not like this thing is coming out in 3 months or something. Companies spend years R&D upcoming technologies. Well I guess Nintendo is the exception there lol but I'm sure Sony is looking into what their next console will be too. The next Xbox could come out 1-3 years from now it's impossible to know.

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