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A guy goes 103-3 half way through a game of Domination using the same class as the retard in this Nuke video.

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That obviously just Verrukt from WaW with the "triple tap" and score mods.

Lulz, the people who approved this are retarded...

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"That is not to say that the game doesn't have its moments. The emphasis on choice and asking whether the end justifies the means is impressively done, and while the game offers very clear "Good" and "Bad" moral choices, the reasons behind those choices run far deeper than before. There is an intelligent narrative buried in Fable III that borders on political commentary, but never gets preachy or overbearing.

The game's vocal cast steals the ...

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"It seems Lionhead "fixed" things that didn't need fixing, and refused to touch anything that was legitimately broken. The rest of the game is just Fable II, but far less epic in scale. Fable II felt like a real adventure across all of Albion, while Fable III feels incredibly limited. You visit only a few places, and fight only a fraction of the types of enemies that Fable is known for. Even the final battle is a short and dull hack-n'-slash section followed by an unimp...

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Perhaps Lionhead was trying to make a statement with that, but if it was, it's a clever statement that was nonetheless made at the expense of player enjoyment.

Even worse, the game hasn't bothered to fix any of the previous game's problems. The glowing trail one uses to find important locations is still broken, freaking out whenever a player switches direction or just randomly disappearing altogether. Your faithful dog still has zero intelligence whatsoever, and ...

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I don't know how these clowns on on Metacritic, but here's the review if you really want to read it. I'm not even a Fable fan at all, but Destuctoid is a joke! Please don't give this troll site hits!

Part 1 of the review (character limit):

"If there's one word that categorically defines the Fable series, it has to be "promise." Fable has always been a franchise with promise, made by people who do nothing but promise. Each ga...

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"Everything you need to know"? Really? The entire article is some idiot speculating! There was NO news at all! He isn't even up-to-date on his news! He says Malikov is dead, even though Insomniac said Malikov ALIVE and has developed a cure to the virus using Hale's dead body.

Shit article.

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These videos are not new or leaked -- they're old and were officially released.

Also, I didn't see any Zombie footage.

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I had the app on my XMB, so I clicked it, and it just disappeared!

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Read the GI article. Malikov is your sidekick throughout the whole R3 campaign. He decided not to kill himself.

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It says Malikov was able to secure a blood sample off of Hale after Capelli killed him. Tell me this, how was Malikov able to get a blood sample off Hale if he was still a mutated Chi8meran badass? I'm sure they checked his pulse and stuff before drawing blood, etc.

Insomniac has said many times that he's dead, including official press releases like the GI special. Face it: Hale is dead.

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Also, who's going to be like "Oh, I'm not 18. I guess I'll close the browser..."

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"Notice the guy on the train has longer black hair? Yeah that’s not Capelli and some of the more hardcore Resistance fans could figure out who it could possibly be. "

Who could it be? James Grayson?

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Burst Limit's intro was better.

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What's this article about?

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Just like WaW did. WaW's achievements only said that because the campaign had 4 player co-op. Does this mean there IS campaign co-op, even though Treyarch repeatedly said there was NOT campaign co-op?

Hopefully, they announce campaign co-op AND nazi Zombies. I will be highly disappointed if campaign co-op is Treyarch's big co-op mode that they've been teasing. I want Zombies! I know there's all these little hints towards zombies, like the strategy guide leak,...

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I got all the achievements for WaW on PS3 and 360, and it was a bitch! The ridiculous grenades and INSTANT enemy respawns were sooo lame! I ended up just throwing smoke grenades and sprinting until I hit a check point. teryarch didn't make it hard, they made it absurdly cheap. Just stupid.

Just for the hell of it, my friend and I played the hardest level on Veteran (Heart of the Reich). It took us 4 hours. and between the two of us, we had more than 500 downs! So hard! ...

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The 360 would scratch and cut your dick.

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Pleaaaaase make it happen! If I get my hands on an R&C HD collection, as well as a team Ico HD collection, I just might have a wet daydream!

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What's sexy about a fuzzy carrot?

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