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wait for real? NRS lost a little respect from me with that move

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That is such a crazy amount of money. Good for them i guess?
"In its most recent financial quarter, the company made $ 1.2 billion from pure microtransactions, which was more than half of total revenue"
This does not bode well.

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i mean what can i say. it's obvious why but at the same time a bit sad. life be like that sometimes.

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Are they still doing that? There is really nothing, that is even been hinted at, that it is being made. Ghost of Tsushima's MP already released some time and that game came after TLoU2

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omg is this game gonna have the same fate as dead island 2?

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I wouldn't say well deserved but good for them. Not that there's much competition anyways.

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I think modding and mods should have it's own section. It's news yes but not what you'd expect to read on a news section you know. Just a thought. Like there's been many times where i've thought it's been official news but it was just a mod like a skin swap or something. Feels misleading at times.

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I wonder what's the price going to be like lol. I mean 3080 is 800-900 euros where i live so. Enthusiast stuff i guess.

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"We like to call them surprise mechanics. Surprise! You're broke now!"
Like these people don't give a f**k about others lol. They are not your friend just remember that. It's weird how they can do these things in games. What was the first big game with loot boxes?

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"lazy developers" yeah i don't think it's their fault and btw i hate when people say that. just goes to show how little they know.

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6 is above average. of course these days 7 is considered average and 5 is bad when 5 should be average. it's like we forgot how numbers work

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and GOG if you fancy buying it there

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This is all to MAXIMIZE profit. Most publishers could easily release games at 50 dollars or euros. The amount of money some of these games make is insane. So why would i as a publisher sell something for cheaper if people keep buying it for more? I don't think the price increase is justified but i'd like to see some real numbers if they wanna convince me otherwise. And that's never gonna happen.

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Wouldn't the features still be there if u use the ps5 controller on PC.The feature is in the game right, so as long as your controller is updated it should work. Unless if they remove it from the pc version, or maybe sony has some kind of protection. But in my head it should work on PC. I wouldn't be surprised if it didn't tho.

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The thing with DLSS is that it's only in few games for now. But i'm sure it'll be on more future games. I know Cyberpunk has it so that's nice.

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I think devs like it too. At least when they are making a good game. Just like when you read for a test you wanna know your score. I mean we have videos of devs waiting for review scores lol.
It's a good thing overall just take some of the user reviews with a grain of salt.

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I've noticed that on some other rtx games also. Some surfaces reflect way too much when ray tracing is on, giving it this overly clean look that makes it look not so real. But i think with time devs will learn the right balance when it comes to that.

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Ahh, it depends. This is kinda pushing the patience of many people but it's still reasonable to me.

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Social media has helped these games a TON (Twitch, YouTube etc.)
These party type games have always been popular and they are usually cheap so barrier of entry is low. It's just different kind of content. AAA is when you want to immerse yourself to a game world and such. And i don't like the word overshadow both have their place. An online game will always have bigger active playerbase so that metric is odd to me.
A "bigger hit" to me is if i remember the g...

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They might have revealed this game a bit too early. I'm still excited to see what it's going to be like. The waiting is slowly draining my hype tho. I need a gameplay trailer soon to refill my hype meter again lol

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