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I've been playing River City Girls the last few days, and it's a lot of fun. I like the little rpg-lite mechanics in it. I hope we get more. I'm all over TMNT whenever it launches.

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Well "The Apartment" is in the game, along with festivus, and what sounds like Jerry Stiller. I don't think it was a mistake on the author's part to say it was a Seinfeld parody.

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I haven't had too much time to play so far, but it's everything I wanted so far. I really regret not having gotten into these games before World.

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My buddy and I are going to have to take a break from Stardew Valley and play through this. Journey to the Savage Planet looks like fun.

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Wow.... I have Octopath on Switch, but I'm going to have to see the performance on my Series X. I wonder for how long Xbox can keep this stuff up. Absolutely insane.

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This is freaking nuts. I hadn't gotten around to the demo, but I guess now I can just play the full release. Dang!

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Dood. Looking forward to some Disgaea!

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It's a game I downloaded but never played. I'm going to boot it up and see if I like it, while I still have a chance.

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I have it via gamepass, and I would absolutely recommend purchasing this game if you are on another platform. Great art, fair checkpoints, fun tools(ninja yo-yo ftw), and great music.

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Being NORMAL is vastly overrated.

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I really enjoyed it.

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Lol I'm just messing around. I thought the "hidden ones" storyline was one of the better ones in Valhalla.

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It's just a disappointment. There is an alternate reality in which this game blew up, but it was mismanaged from the beginning. I just hope the studio can recover before it's too late, because Sony was more than patient with these people.

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Wtf is going on with this game?
I really want to see what they've been up to for the past year. I'm patiently/impatiently waiting.

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Ugh. I'd like to take the high road and say that I'd never succumb. But honestly, if someone offered you generational wealth, would you turn it down. Damn.

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I remember when "candy stix" were a controversy, from Big Tobacco. We really just keep turning the wheel.

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Fifty hours in and living it. I am so excited to see what the next Dragon Quest is. They've made a fan out of me on gamepass, and I'll be supporting their next game day one. It's just fantastic.

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